The tasty dialogue between Maximiliano Falcón and Borja Iglesias, figure of Betis: “I thought I didn’t even know myself”

The tasty dialogue between Maximiliano Falcón and Borja Iglesias, figure of Betis: “I thought I didn’t even know myself”

The Uruguayan defender was one of the figures in Colo Colo’s massive victory against the side managed by Manuel Pellegrini. At the end of the match, he was left with a precious memory: the jersey of the emblematic striker of the Verdiblanco team.

Colo Colo passed over Betis. If any analysis cannot ignore the relaxation with which the Spaniards undertook the tour of South America, in which they had already been beaten by River Plate, neither can it harm the energetic presentation of the Cacique, who has knew how to take advantage of the licenses to mark an ostensible difference and complete a result that does not go unnoticed in Spain, where they criticize the level displayed by Manuel Pellegrini’s team on tour. The club’s other Chilean, Claudio Bravo, was unable to join the trip, as he was in Europe with the national team.

In addition to strictly football considerations, the visit of the Spanish team to Concepción also left some tasty situations. One of them is the friendly dialogue between Maximiliano Falcón and Borja Iglesias, who due to their positions on the pitch had to face each other on several occasions, with a notorious dominance of the Uruguayan defender of the Cacique.

Borja Iglesias, figure of Betis. (Photo: League).

Dialogue and exchange

The defender enthusiastically recounted the meeting they both had after the friendly match on Penquista soil. “More than anything, I saluted him, of course. I wanted to meet him. Besides, he talked to me, he kissed me too. He told me right away that he was tired, because they had made long journeys “, explained the defender.

Then, in a naturally close setting, a rite occurred almost naturally: the exchange of shirts. “When I went to ask for the shirt, he said “I was going to tell you the same thing”. He came to ask me for the shirt, so happy. I thought you didn’t even know me “, revealed. Then, he joked with a margin of doubt.”I don’t know if you know me or if you like my curlers, just “, big.

Falcon and Iglesias They will meet this Saturday at the Sausalito stadium, in Viña del Mar, where the teams of Gustavo Quinteros and Manuel Pellegrini will meet .

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