Roger Machado loses patience with Grêmio and warns

Roger Machado loses patience with Grêmio and warns

Grêmio drew with Ituano and Roger Machado was not very happy with the result away from home in the Brasileirão B series; check out what he said!

Roger Machado not satisfied with the Guild. Last Monday, the 16th, at Brazilian Series B, the Tricolor visited the Ituano, had a poor performance and came out in profit with the draw away from home. After the ball stopped rolling, the coach of the Rio Grande do Sul team held a press conference and opened the game about the way his team played during the 90 minutes.

The Grêmio coach was not satisfied with what he saw. The draw against Ituano did not put Grêmio in the G-4 and the team was behind Vasco in the fight for access to the A series of the Brasileirão. Roger Machado, by the way, already understood that he will not be able to give a chance to chance in the B series and warned his players that only the Tricolor shirt will not count when winning games.


Only the Grêmio shirt will not bring the results that will guarantee us access. We have to enter with the same intensity from the first to the last minute“, warned Grêmio’s coach about rivals in the B series.

Roger Machado also analyzed the match and pointed to Tricolor’s difficulties: “We suffered in the game because we understood that we could start like that in the first half. It is not enough. We always have to go hard, the referees are not missing, it was a very loose game, in many moves I would say above the acceptable level. We need to understand what kind of competition we are playing“.

Roger Machado in action during the match between Grêmio and Ituano in the Brasileirão B series (Credit: Mauro Horita/Grêmio)

In addition, the coach of Grêmio also said that he had a serious conversation with the players. Roger Machado warned everyone that he could have made five trades at half-time, as most of his players weren’t doing well. According to him, the Grêmio team suffered due to the strong marking of rivals.

I told the athletes that I changed two positions, but I could choose five players and change them at half-time. Technically, (the team) was not well, collectively we suffered because we were marked very hard, many fouls. Physical imposition game and we don’t adapt. I think we got a point. Justice is the ball for the goal, but due to the volume, Ituano could leave with a bigger score in the first 45 minutes“, finished.


On the night of this Monday, 16th, Grêmio got into action to play in the seventh round of the Brasileirão in Serie B and visited the traditional Ituano. With an irregular performance, but with a lot of luck in the defense, the team from Rio Grande do Sul took three balls on the post, counted on Diego Souza’s flair to take the lead, but faltered in stoppage time and was only in a 1-1 draw.

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