Portugal v Ghana: see the ‘X-Ray’ of the World Cup clash

Portugal x Ghana marks one of the clashes of the first round of Group H of the 2022 World Cup; check out more details of the duel of the World Cup in Qatar

Portugal x Ghana is one of the clashes in this Thursday’s round, the 24th, at the 2022 World Cup. Uruguay and South Korea🇧🇷

The selections have several stars, but it is good to keep an eye on two stars. On the Portuguese side, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to command his team to the unprecedented Cup title. With the shirt of the national team, the number 7 has 191 games, 117 goals and another 43 assists. As for the Ghanaian national team, the highlight is Ayewwho played 102 games, 23 goals and seven assists for the country.

Portugal tries to repeat the performance it obtained in the Nations League and on euro cup 2016, playing as a consistent team and counting on Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals to decide the matches. In 2018, the guy was already very important for the team to advance in the group stage, but the early elimination for the Uruguay in the round of 16 left all the players frustrated, as they knew they could go further in the tournament.

THE ghana national team arrives with good players in its squad, having the attacker as its main weapon Inaki Williamswhich is the highlight of Athletic Bilbao, from Spain. The team is well served by parts that work in large teams in the Europe or who has a long track record in international competitions, like the brothers Jordan and Andre Ayewin addition to important names, such as the side lampteythe defender Salisu and the sock Sulemana🇧🇷

This will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last World Cup (Getty Images)

In a group with Portugal and Uruguay as favourites, but with Ghana and South Korea wanting to steal points and who knows how to advance to the knockout round of the 2022 World Cup, has everything to have matches full of tension and with a high level of football, with four teams that have great players among the squad.

where to watch

Portugal x Ghana will face each other this Thursday (24), at 13:00 (Brasília time), counting for the first round of the World Cup. The match will be broadcast from TV Globo (open channel) and SportTV (channel closed). Meanwhile, the sportbuzz will accompany and pass on all the best that happens during the match.

Source: sportbuzz

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