Athletistic/Football. At the World Championships in Qatar, the first round ended, a number of favorites won convincing victories, some lost sensationally. Let’s take a closer look at the tournament situation across all groups.

group A
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
Senegal 0-2 Netherlands

Qatar left a depressing impression in the opener against Ecuador, but the South Americans were limited to just two goals. Maybe they saved their energy, or just showed some mercy to the tournament hosts and decided not to crush them in the first game. Depending on the balance of power, Qatar must lose all the matches in this tournament and it may happen that the goal difference that can be scored in the matches with the Qataris is significant. And Ecuador won’t be able to turn back time and play more ruthlessly. This situation could occur if Ecuador lose against the Netherlands and draw against Senegal. But on the other hand, the Netherlands did not show a high level of play in the match with the Senegalese team and they are not assured of a victory over Ecuador. But at the same time, they are forced to beat Qatar, and therefore leave the group at least from second place.

Group B
England 6-2 Iran
USA 1-1 Wales

The England team got off to a great start to the World Cup and immediately announced their claim to first place in the group. And here, too, there is little doubt that the British should go further. As for the second ticket, even Iran can claim it, as the competitors are tied in a one-on-one match. The United States and Wales did not show a brilliant game in attack, which means that the defense of Iran will not have any more problems like with the British. But there is also such a moment that, according to the schedule, Wales will play the last match with England, and then a story with an English reserve team can happen if they guarantee themselves a passage further. or even first place in the group. . The neighbors can take advantage of this and kick Iran and the United States out of the tournament.

Group C
Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia
Mexico 0-0 Poland

The group where the first sensation occurred. For some reason many saw Argentina as a clear favorite to win in Qatar ahead of the tournament, and that would be a great story for Lionel Messi, but the reality is that the Scaloni team, despite having had a streak 36 games unbeaten , is inferior in composition to a number of teams in this World Cup . And the match with Saudi Arabia showed that the game is not so great. The Arabs played skillfully in defense, constantly catching Argentina’s offsides and as a result the South Americans only managed to score from the penalty spot. Then, in the second half, a five-minute strike sent Argentina into a knockdown, from which it was impossible to recover until the final whistle. Argentina didn’t even have chances in the second half to save even a draw. Messi came out and walked, Martinez was shut down, Di Maria didn’t bother at all. As a result, Argentina risk being knocked out of the tournament if they don’t win back-to-back matches against solid Mexico and Poland. As for Saudi Arabia, this team can spoil the nerves in the remaining matches, but euphoria can win the players, they gave too much emotion in the match against Argentina.

Group D
Denmark 0-0 Tunisia
France 4-1 Australia

Denmark had a very bright Euro 2020 and this year’s Nations League after which the expectations of the team rose. But the first game against Tunisia showed that the Danes are still not attracted to the role of Croatia-2018. Tunisia without stars fought back and looked even better. And for Denmark, this draw is quite painful, because it gives Tunisia and even Australia the opportunity to think about the qualifiers. As for France, Deschamps’ side, even without a number of injured players, beat Australia and made a significant bid for the group win. In the second round, France will play with Denmark and can reach the playoffs if they win. Meanwhile, a defeat would put the Danes on the brink of relegation if Tunisia beat Australia. And that will come as a surprise, as many have given Denmark second place in absentia.

Group E
Germany 1-2 Japan
Spain 7-0 Costa Rica

A group with two big favorites, but it was in this one that the second sensation of the tournament thundered. 4 years ago in Russia, Germany flew out of the group, losing to South Korea, now the team is on the brink of relegation, losing to Japan. And depending on the schedule, the Germans can fly out after the second round if they lose to Spain, and Japan wins against Costa Rica. If we assume that with the victory of Japan, Germany will play a draw with Spain, then in the last round the Germans will have to hope that the Japanese will also win against the Spaniards, which is unlikely, and to more it will take to eliminate goal difference, and Spain is now +7. Costa Rica is unlikely to miss the same amount again. Therefore, any result except victory over Spain with a 99% probability will cause Germany to leave, unless, of course, Costa Rica takes points away from Japan.

Group F
Morocco 0-0 Croatia
Belgium 1-0 Canada

Based on the matches of the first round of this group, all results are possible. Belgium performed poorly against Canada and were lucky to win and score 3 points, but with such a game they could lose to Croatia or Morocco and advancement cannot be guaranteed. Canada lost, but the team’s performance was a revelation, and similarly the Canadians, if they continue in the same spirit, can beat both Morocco and Croatia. Therefore, in this group it is impossible to predict anything before the second round. But the most interesting.

Group G
Brazil 2-0 Serbia
Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon

Brazil had a spectacular game against Serbia and took a step towards victory in the group. Depending on the game, they are the best team in the foursome and they should score 7-9 points. Serbia seem to be claiming second place based on composition, but that was how it was 4 years ago in Russia. Then, Costa Rica was in the group instead of Cameroon and they took points from the Swiss, but they went even further, as they beat Serbia in a one-on-one duel. And there is no reason to neglect Switzerland. They already have 3 points, their squad is no worse than at the 2018 World Cup or Euro 2020, so Serbia will not be easy. But Cameroon already look like a clear candidate for relegation both in terms of play and schedule.

Group H
Uruguay 0-0 South Korea
Portugal 3-2 Ghana

Group H is a bit reminiscent of quartet F, here, in theory, anything can happen. Depending on the matches in the first round, each team can go further. South Korea played their match against Uruguay and a draw is normal for them. Uruguay didn’t impress in terms of play, but their squad is strong and that can play a role. Similarly, Ghana could both beat the Koreans and take revenge on Uruguay for relegation in 2010 in the mythical quarter-finals. As for Portugal, yes, they are the favorites of the group and they already have 3 points, but this favorite is far from the fact that they will win all the remaining matches. The Portuguese can give points to both Uruguay and South Korea, which means there will be intrigue in this group until the very last.

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