Brescia-SPAL, De Rossi squad: Arena, Almici box. Wargnier not at the top but enlisted

Lombard transfer for SPAL, who will be busy tomorrow on the field of Brescia on the occasion of the 14th day of the Serie B championship.
On the eve of the match at the pre-match press conference Mr. Daniele De Rossi he talked about the line-up: “The team is doing well, but don’t ask me about the formation, the one I have in mind today may actually be tomorrow, so I won’t reveal it. I have a lot of decisions, the team has them, it’s more a matter of getting on the field with the right mentality and looking for the right pass. and since he is a recidivist, it is better to act cautiously while Almichi is away, he will not even be called yesterday for hardening in caviar.
Here is the complete squad list

GOALKEEPER: Alfonso, Remember, Thiam
DEFENDERS: Arena, Breit, Celia, Dalle Mura, Dieckmann, Fjordaliso, Meccariello, Tripaldelli, Varnier
MIDDLE FIELDS: Esposito, Maistro, Murgia, Prati, Proya, Tundzhov, Valsania, Zanellato, Zucculini
FORWARDERS: Finotto, Moncini, Rabbi, Rauti.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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