São Paulo: Patrick pins critics and sends a message

São Paulo: Patrick pins critics and sends a message

Hired by São Paulo in 2022, Patrick arrived at Morumbi and created great expectations in the fans, but admitted that he had difficulties adapting to the new club.

Patrick shone through Sao Paulo last Thursday, 19th, and scored his first goal with the Morumbi team shirt. The ball in the net was important for the midfielder, who started the season with the distrust of the crowd around his physical form. Over time, he acquired the support of Rogerio Ceni and gradually conquers space in the Tricolor starting lineup.

After the victory against Jorge Wilstermannthrough the Copa Sudamericana, Patrick gave a press conference alongside Rogério Ceni and was asked about his beginnings at the club. Although his arrival generated expectations from the fans, he began his time at Morumbi with several criticisms from the fans and the athlete acknowledged that he had problems adapting.


I had a little difficulty, yes, for the time I was out of activity. But I’m getting my space back. Coach Rogério Ceni knows how to handle the group well and, little by little, while I’m on the field, I’ll try to help the team“, he stated.

And the physical form?

One of the issues that makes Patrick most uncomfortable is in relation to his physical shape. The player was asked about the criticism he suffered from fans and answered all of them during the press conference. According to the São Paulo midfielder, all this comes to light when the result doesn’t happen on the field and, therefore, he tries to hold on to the numbers so he doesn’t get shaken.

Patrick is one of the names that São Paulo fans place trust in the midfielder (Credit: Mauro Horita/SPFC Flickr)

This fitness thing is funny. As I played well today and scored, I’m not fat. Tomorrow, if the team plays badly and I do poorly, I’m fat. Thank God, what comforts me is that when I get to the locker room, my physical numbers are good. So I think over the years I’ve been doing good numbers“, he explained.

Patrick still ended his explanation regarding his physical shape with the following thought about the critics of his football: “I believe this is a twist thing. We have to know how to deal with it. I already make it very clear that it doesn’t shake me in anything and life that follows. You won and played well, you’re skinny. Lost, you’re fat, dumb, the coach is dumb…“.

Source: sportbuzz

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