“Brazil, France and England – one of these teams will win the World Cup.” Expert predictions for the winner of the 2022 World Cup

Experts do not believe in Argentina

Vyacheslav Grozny, Sergei Nagornyak and Mladen Bartulovich made their predictions regarding the winner of the 2022 World Cup.

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Vyacheslav Grozny famous coach and expert

“Brazil is the main favorite. And I am sure that she will win the World Championship, because she has the strongest and highest quality squad. Brazilians have not been able to win this title for 20 years. They want to reaffirm the reputation of the quality of football in South America, whose representatives have become world champions 9 times (Brazil – 5, Uruguay – 2, Argentina – 2). Since the 2002 World Cup, only European teams have won the World Cup. How do you like these arguments? That’s why Brazil really wants to win the World Cup.”

Sergey Nagornyak head coach of the youth team of Ukraine and Epicenter

“It is clear that some top team will become the champion. This is clear. The Brazilians also have a good generation. But I think that the same Frenchmen can become champions. But more or less everything will become clear after the group stage: we will understand which team is in what condition. Then it will be possible to say something.

I want the European team to win. But let’s see! Grozny prefers Brazil? Everything can be! They have a good composition. From Brazil, you can put up two teams for the World Cup. And they will fight for high places. Teams such as Brazil and France, who have recently been world champions, will always be the first contenders for the title. Well, Brazil is used to winning such forums.”

Mladen Bartulovich, head coach of Ingulets

“Could there be a Messi-Ronaldo final? It will be very difficult for these teams to reach the final. I think there are stronger teams than Argentina and Portugal. I’ll bet that England, France or Brazil can win the World Cup.”

Dmitry Kotkov

Source: Sportarena

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