‘The match was huge for them’: Unión La Calera’s furious request for arbitration against Santos in Copa Sudamericana

‘The match was huge for them’: Unión La Calera’s furious request for arbitration against Santos in Copa Sudamericana

The cement workers used their Twitter account to express their dissatisfaction with the result of the match after a valid goal was canceled and they ended up losing by the minimum with a goal scored at 90 + 12 ‘.

Unión La Calera and Santos faced a key duel in the fight to advance to the Copa Sudamericana knockout stage, which only the group leader qualifies for. The cast of cement came to the game with 8 points, one more than the Brazilians and a victory allowed them to have a direct classification in the absence of a date.

For the same reason, the tie they achieved, at least, wasn’t that bad considering they would have had the chance to depend on themselves on the final day to qualify. But all that came to nothing when Santos managed to take the lead at 90+12′ with Lucas Barbosa’s score .

The annoyance grew even more when at minute 32 those from the Valparaíso region were able to take the lead of the match with a score by Sebastián Sáez, which was badly canceled by an advanced position. . Along with that, in the end Sáez himself and César Pérez had clear chances to bring Chile the points of the match.

All of this anger was reflected in the national team’s reaction on its social media. After the meeting on the club’s official Twitter account, they launched a furious comment.

Surprising. clearly wronged. The match was great for those responsible to deliver justice ”, this is what they wrote in the message in which they showed a video capture of the moment when the pass to Sáez goes out in the game of the first half in which we see it activated.

They also accompanied the text with another photograph in which we can see the five minutes of extra time that the referee had already taken. .

In this way, the roles to advance to the round of the Copa Sudamericana have been reversed. From now on, it is Santos who counts on himself to qualify, facing an already eliminated Banfield.

The Union La Calera, meanwhile, must fulfill their task against the Catholic University of Ecuador, also eliminated, and expect a surprise.

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