World Cup: Neuza Back celebrates unprecedented achievement for Brazil

World Cup: Neuza Back celebrates unprecedented achievement for Brazil

World Cup will have Neuza Back as the first Brazilian woman to referee in the main soccer tournament in the world; competition starts in november

The World Cup is being dominated by women! This Thursday, 19, the 37-year-old from Santa Catarina Neuza Back received the news that she will be the first Brazilian assistant in history to referee at a World Cup, in November, in Qatar. She commented on the matter in an interview with “Sportv” before the match between Nautical x CSAfor the Brazilian Serie B.

“I heard from the press. In fact, when my friends who are here with me at the game told me: ‘Wow, you’re going to the World Cup!’ And I said: ‘Huh?’. I hadn’t even seen it, so I started to see the reports and the news and I was like: ‘Calm down, I need to sit down'”, started Neuza before completing revealing that she is feeling a mix of emotions.

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“It’s very cool, indescribable, it’s a moment, like, of joy, of gratitude and also a little sense of responsibility, because I’m the only woman I know I need to go there and represent all of us very well”, told before talking about how he told the bombshell to his family. The professional said that at first, it was not the way she wanted.

“I made a video call in the family group, but the guys were all working and they didn’t answer me. Then I sent it to the family group. I put the photo and said: ‘See if you can find any known names there. the staff identified and said: ‘Wow, that’s cool!'”, he said that at the moment he did not receive the happiness he had hoped for.

World Cup will have Neuza Back as an assistant (Credit: GettyImages)

It is worth remembering that the achievement of Neuza Back and the other professionals is already historic in itself, as it is the first time that the world Cup will have women in charge of refereeing in matches. Thus, there will be three referees and three assistants. Not to mention that the men also stood out having two names chosen.

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