São Paulo shines, defeats Jorge Wilstermann and advances in Sudamericana

In the dispute of the fifth round, São Paulo stepped on the lawn of the Morumbi stadium to guarantee the triumph over the rival and the spot for the next phase

This Thursday, the 19th, the Sao Paulo stepped on the lawn to play in the fifth round of the South American group stage and received the Jorge Wilstermanngives Bolivia. With wide dominance from the first minutes of the game, the Brazilian team had a great performance of Rodrigo Nestor to win 3-0 and qualify for the next round.


At the beginning of the first half, São Paulo showed strength and opened the scoring. At five minutes, Rodrigo Nestor received a beautiful pass from Eder, who shone in the pivot role, and placed in the back of the nets. 1 to 0. At 16, the young defensive midfielder shone once again and took advantage of a low kick from Nikon to increase the advantage. 2 to 0.


With a very strong rhythm, São Paulo started to look for the rout during the match. At 19, Eder tried to take advantage of a cross from Patrickbut saw the goalkeeper Poveda make a nice defense. At 22, the striker appeared again and almost didn’t complete a low pass to the penalty area. At 26, Rodrigo Nestor still had a goal disallowed. What a ride! Interval!

On the return to the second half, Jorge Wilstermann entered the field with the mission of maintaining the result, as he was unable to hold back the momentum of the hosts. However, Patrick didn’t even want to know about the rival’s strategy and scored in the first minute. 3 to 0. At eight, Luis Vargas took advantage of the Brazilian hesitation and hit the post. What a fright!

São Paulo advanced in the Sudamericana (Credit: Paulo Pinto / Saopaulofc.net / Flickr)

With the wide advantage on the scoreboard, São Paulo only controlled the rival’s actions, but still had to avoid greater dangers. At ten minutes, Serginho kicked on the whim and saw Thiago Souto make the defense. At 26, Lucian created a good move again, but was not happy in the finalization. At 41, Igor Vinicius hit the beam. 3 to 0. End of story! Tricolor ranked!

Source: sportbuzz

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