Switzerland coach talks about lack of luck against Brazil in World Cup

Murat Yakin lamented the defeat by the Brazilian National Team in the second round of the 2022 World Cup and stated that the victory did not come from details

After the defeat of Switzerland to the Brazilian Teamthe coach Murat Yakin granted a press conference and stated that his team lacked luck and courage to emerge victorious from the duel. According to the commander, the players followed what had been agreed, but something different was missing to pierce the Brazilian defense.

We cannot blame our team. They did a good job, were able to dominate the opponent to a certain extent and we lacked a bit of courage to take risks during our offensive tactics. We did a lot of things well, but a little bit of luck was missing.”

The coach praised the Swiss defense during the game for interrupting Brazil’s offensive moves and only regrets not having managed to find a way to take better advantage of the offensive moves. Yakin congratulated the team for the victory achieved and said that only with luck a different result could have appeared.

“In fact, what we had planned seemed to be working, we scored well. But if you look at it, the result is sad for us, because we missed the opportunities we had. All I have left to do is congratulate Brazil for the victory, with luck we could have had a more satisfactory result”


Switzerland plays its future in the 2022 World Cup in the last round of the group stage. The team faces Serbia and cannot lose the match, otherwise it will be eliminated from the competition. the victory over Cameroon in the debut of the tournament will make the difference in the decisive match of the first phase.

Source: sportbuzz

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