Tite celebrates the cycle experienced by the national team: “It was the process that won today”

Coach of the Brazilian National Team, Tite, considers the four and a half year process as the key point for the victory against Switzerland, for the 2022 World Cup

After the victory of BrazilAgainst the Switzerlandfor the second round of the 2022 World Cup, coach Tite spoke at a press conference on various subjects of the match. The most talked about were the individual performances of some players, such as Rodrygo🇧🇷 paquetá and casemiroauthor of the goal that gave the three points and classification for the next phase of the competition.

🇧🇷There are a range of options because it has a four-year construction process. What won today was the process, it was the time of four years of using athletes so that they can develop, be natural, even young people, taking advantage of their clubs and giving them opportunities. If not, it’s very difficult. The process won today, apart from all the work, but it consolidates that. And there are the individual technical qualities. In another moment it was Martinelli, Neymar and Danilo with the conditions I already mentioned, but the whole team brings you. And Rodrygo is included because he is a great player“, he said when asked about the entry of shirt number 21 at halftime.

In addition, the coach also commented on Neymar’s statement, agreeing that Casemiro is the best of his position in the world. The choice of Paquetá in the number 10 position was explained as a tactical choice, but the commander highly praised the options that came from the bench and helped to build and maintain the result.

🇧🇷Bruno Guimarães, Antony and Gabriel Jesus entered very well. Telles had a difficult time, when Alex Sandro felt his leg, the adductor. This strength of the team, which technically contributes, helps the team. Athletes who enter have helped the team“, commented Tite, who also spoke about his choice for Militão, instead of Daniel Alves on the right side.

Brazil beat Switzerland in the World Cup / Credits: Getty Images

🇧🇷You have two players with different characteristics. One of imposition, I say he has turbo, manages to get in front with a very strong marking consistency. The other is an articulator, an excellent builder, which is Dani. We understand strategically, also because Switzerland also changed Shaqiri, putting two speed aside to exploit the counterattack. So you have to have a player on the side to give consistency. That was the idea of ​​having a player to contain players on the side. From him, from Dani, from Danilo, I’m very at peace with that“, finished.

Source: sportbuzz

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