Edgardo Bauza has an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s; says journalist

At the age of 64, Edgardo Bauza retired from world football at the end of last year and showed the first symptoms of the serious illness.

On the night of this Thursday, the 19th, the coach Edgardo Bauza became a topic among football lovers because of his health condition. At 64 years of age, the Argentine has a case of Alzheimer’s and already has an advanced stage of the disease. The information is from the local press, which had access to the current moment of the professional.

At the end of last year, Edgardo Bauza announced that he was retiring from world football due to a health problem. However, the Argentine coach did not state what his situation would be and only observed several messages of affection from fans and friends through social networks.


According to information released by the Argentine journalist Juan Manuel PonsEdgardo Bauza has serious memory problems due to the disease and “confuses colors and even the order of meals”. To explain the situation, Alzheimer’s impairs the patient’s memory and also affects other very important mental functions.

Edgardo Bauza is divided between two houses, one in the region of Rosaryat Argentinaand another in quitoat the Ecuador. Alongside his family, the Argentine coach has never made any public appearances since announcing his retirement. In Brazilian football, the coach commanded São Paulo in 2015.

Edgardo Bauza made history at the helm of the LDU (Credit: GettyImages)

In addition to Tricolor, Edgardo Bauza was the coach of the Argentina, but it did not manage to have a great following in its country. Libertadores champion with LDUthe coach achieved good relevance in the local football scene and also secured an important space in traditional clubs of world sport.

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