Internacional wins the 9th of October and guarantees itself in the round of 16

Internacional wins the 9th of October and guarantees itself in the round of 16

Internacional managed to reverse the result of the first half and overcame the 9th of October at home to stamp their spot in the round of 16 of the Sudamericana

THE International received the October 9, in Beira-Rio on Tuesday night, 24, in a match valid for the 6th and final round of the South American group stage, with Colorado winning 5-1, confirming their spot in the round of 16 of the competition. The team from Rio Grande do Sul took the lead after winning the Independent Medellin in the last round, 2-0.

On the other hand, the 9th of October arrived in a crisis. Being the Ecuadorian Championship, with eight points in 14 matches, the team comes from defeat to Cumbaya 3-2 in the last round. With no chance of qualifying in the Sudamericana, the team traveled from Ecuador to Porto Alegre with only 15 players available, and only one of them was a starter.

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The game

First time

After eight minutes of the ball rolling, a goal from International! After the corner taken by Sorry, Rodrigo Dourado climbed higher than anyone else and sent his head to the back of the net to put Colorado in front. However, the home team would not expect that the opponent’s tie would come so soon, right on the next move.

At 10, after a wrong step of René, Mauro da Luz accurately crossed over the head of Caicedo, who went up beautifully and pushed towards the goal to enact the Ecuadorian tie. After the goal Wanderson received on the left and crossed, the defense pulled away. Subsequently, another survey, and becerra kicked on top of Mauricio.

Internacional players gathered on the pitch before the match (Credit: GettyImages)

Already with 40, a sequence of two corners, in both the defense of 9 de Outubro took it for a new charge from Internacional. In the third, De Pena crossed again and Vitão headed wide. two minutes later, Edenilson served Taisoninside the area, but the shot was right on top of the Ecuadorian goalkeeper, without danger.

End of the first half!

Second time

At the return of the interval, at three minutes, Internacional extended! After the corner kick, the ball stayed with Taison, who crossed to the middle, Bruno Mendez let it pass and Dourado pushed straight into the goal to put Colorado back in front and further secure their spot in the round of 16 of the South American.

At 11 minutes, Wanderson advanced down the left, fixed it to his right foot and hit it firmly, but Recalde appeared to send it to a corner. In the very next minute, Taison played with a lot of style for David, who took it from the goalkeeper, but Bruno Mendez couldn’t push it to the nets to leave Internacional even more in front.

With 20, Internacional’s goal, but it was scored against by Orlin Quiñónez. After the move from the right, Edenilson crossed the ball into the area looking for a player from Internacional to head and score, but it was the Ecuadorian player who entered it, deflected it to his own goal and ended up extending it to the home team.

Ten minutes later, Rodrigo Dourado’s hat-trick in another assist from Taison to shirt 13, but this time it was over the top. He climbed higher than everyone else in the area and sent his head into the back of the net. At 37, another one from Internacional! In the throw, Taison crosses from the left, Cadorini hit badly, but Estevão pushed it to the back of the goal.

End of the game!

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