Flamengo overcomes Sporting Cristal and guarantees itself in the leadership of the group

Flamengo overcomes Sporting Cristal and guarantees itself in the leadership of the group

Flamengo was already more than guaranteed in the round of 16 of the Libertadores, but with the victory against Sporting Cristal, he managed to isolate himself even more in the group

THE Flamengo received the Sporting Cristal on Tuesday night, 24th, in a match valid for the last round of the Libertadores group stage and won by 2 to 1. The carioca team arrived calm, since it is right as the first place in Group H. On the other side , the opponent was looking for victory to at least climb to third position and a spot in the Sudamericana.

With the final round being played tonight, the Flamengo could not even be surpassed by the second place in the bracket, the Talleres. The Argentine team also entered the field, against Catholic University and arrived with nine points against the impressive 14 that the Rubro-Negro conquered for the beginning of their commitment.

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The game

First time

After three minutes of the ball rolling, Marine appeared on the left end, received from Lazarus and played low to Pedro in the middle of the area. He dominated with his back to the goal and played for Gabigol, who hit over Sporting Cristal’s goal. Then, Gabigol received at the entrance of the area and played on the right. Marinho tried to hit the plate, but got too low.

In the ninth minute, Flamengo rotated the ball and Gabigol received it close to midfield. he triggered Ayrton Lucaswho sought Lazarus on the left. The creation of the base Rubro-Negra tried the dribble and won the side. Soon after, Marinho lost the ball on the right wing of the attack, but gave the opponent a cart to try to recover and the ball went out through the sideline.

Flamengo players after the goal against Sporting Cristal (Credit: GettyImages)

with 12, Loyola infiltrated the defense with ease, passed island and entered the area. He dominated and hit with his left leg, but the ball hit the net from the outside and avoided the first goal of the game. Then, Gabigol played for Ayrton Lucas, who infiltrated the area. He tried the cow’s dribble, but it went too far and she went out through the baseline despite the full-back’s efforts.

In the next move, Marinho triggered Isla in the tip of the penalty area, he cut inside and crossed on the second post from the left in search of Pedro. The Flamengo forward went up to head, but sent it over Alejando Duarte’s goal. The answer came later, with Christofer Gonzales receiving at the entrance of the area and hitting with his left foot, but the ball was in the middle of the goal and it was quiet for the goalkeeper.

At 27, Marinho received from João Gomes at the entrance of the area, he fixed the ball to the left leg and sent a bomb on the left side of Alejandro Duarte, who palmed and prevented the hosts from opening the scoring. Two minutes later, all that effort by the goalkeeper didn’t help, as Flamengo scored.

In the throw, David Luiz made the release to Isla, the ball went up too much, but still managed to reach the Chilean side. He dominated and hit hard on goalkeeper Alejandro Duarte’s exit. The ball went under the legs of the Peruvian number 13 and entered the goal to leave the score in Flamengo 1 x 0 Sporting Cristal.

With 34, João Gomes fought with the marking and opened for Ayrton Lucas on the left. He crossed at the second post to Marinho, who headed it, but the ball went close to the Peruvian goalkeeper’s left post. Soon after, Yotun crossed at the first crossbar to Christofer Gonzales, which entered the back of David Luiz. He stretched out his foot and tried to deflect it towards the goal, but it sent the ball wide.

Already at 40, Marinho took the short corner with Gabigol who, from the right wing, crossed the second post to Lázaro. The boy went up and headed, but the ball went far from Sporting Cristal’s goal. Soon after, Pedro received it at the entrance of the area and gave a beautiful pass to Lázaro. Shirt 13 hit the exit of goalkeeper Alejandro Duarte, who made the save.

End of the first half!

Second time

On the return of the break, at six minutes, the first throw was in danger, when Thiago Maia launched, Lázaro missed the domain, and Duarte pushed away with a fish. From a long distance, Pedro tried to score the first goal, and the ball passed with a lot of danger. At 12 minutes, Marinho took the short corner with Gabigol on the right wing. He crossed at the second post to David Luiz, who stretched out to send over Sporting Cristal’s goal.

In the very next move, Gabigol played for Pedro, who gave a nice pass to Lázaro. The boy infiltrated the left and hit a low cross, but the kick was on goalkeeper Duarte, who defended with his foot. Then, almost Sporting Cristal manages to tie the match and get back to being alive in the confrontation.

It turns out that Ayrton Lucas lost the ball to Lora near Flamengo’s penalty area and played for Christofer Gonzáles. He was face to face with Hugo Souza, but ended up sending over the goal of the Flamengo goalkeeper. At 28, Flamengo scored one more! Andreas charged the free kick suffered in the area and Pedro climbed higher than the defense and headed in the goalkeeper’s right drawer.

Shortly after the goal, Andreas Pereira took the corner at the second post and found David Luiz in the middle of the way. The defender headed firmly, the goalkeeper deflected it, the ball hit the crossbar and bounced close to the goal line, almost scoring Rubro-Negro’s third goal in the last round of Libertadores.

With 39, Christofer Gonzáles scored for Sporting Cristal! He received the ball in an open shot on the left wing, entered the area, pedaled towards Rodinei and pulled it to better fit his right leg. In the charge, he hit a cross and Hugo Souza accepted the path she took, going straight to the nets.

End of the game!

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