Corinthians keeps taboo against São Paulo in a draw in the Brasileirão

Corinthians keeps taboo against São Paulo in a draw in the Brasileirão

Corinthians and São Paulo played a classic played at the Brasileirão and Tricolor continued another year without beating the rival in their stadium; check out how it went!

Corinthians and Sao Paulo made a great classic in the Brasileirão. In a confrontation with several discussions, goals and controversies, the two teams were in the 1 to 1. The Tricolor went ahead of the score with a header of Calleri and managed to create several other opportunities. Timão was saved by cassiowho made great saves, and also with a goal from addon.

The tie between the two teams was important for Corinthians. The team escaped defeat at Majestoso and still maintained the leadership of the Brasileirão. In addition, Timão kept the taboo of rivals at Neo Química Arena. Now there are 16 games without wins at the alvinegro stadium, with 10 defeats and also six draws.

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The first half between Corinthians and São Paulo was largely dominated by the visitors. Tricolor started in defense and saw Timão start the match under pressure to try to open the scoring. Gradually, the Morumbi team found itself in the match and imposed many difficulties for the alvinegra team. Cássio was the main name of the home team and made important saves.

In the first minutes, Corinthians explored many plays with Willian on the left. The player went over the marking, called in the individual play and finished with danger against Jandrei’s goal. Renato Augusto also took a risk and forced the goalkeeper to make a save. Jô came to swing the net, but VAR interfered and marked offside in the move.

São Paulo and Corinthians played a balanced derby in the Brasileirão (Credit: GettyImages)

São Paulo showed more offensive impetus and cornered Corinthians in their defense field. Tricolor put pressure on Timão’s exit, focused on crosses to the area and almost scored with Alisson and Calleri. However, Cássio worked miracles and managed great defenses to keep the score 0-0.

Practically in the last bid of the first half, São Paulo opened the scoring in Neo Química. After a cross from Reinaldo into the area, Calleri dominated and hit Cassio’s angle. The move generated a lot of complaints on the part of Corinthians, which claimed a domain with the Argentine’s hand. However, VAR assured that there was nothing.

If the first half was emotional, the second was even more tense. Corinthians launched the attack and Rogério Ceni closed São Paulo in the defense field. The change did not help Tricolor and Timão created a series of opportunities to tie the match and achieved the feat at the end of the confrontation, which had a lot of discussion throughout the 90 minutes.

Corinthians reached the tie, after a lot of trying, managed to swing the nets with Adson. The midfielder was not doing well in the game, but he received a beautiful cross from Lucas Piton, who put it on the athlete’s head and he scored a beautiful goal at Neo Química Arena. 1 to 1 and the two teams made an electrifying final straight of the match.

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