Fluminense beats Fortaleza and sinks rival in Brasileirão

Fluminense beats Fortaleza and sinks rival in Brasileirão

Fluminense beat Fortaleza this Sunday, 22, for the seventh round of the Brasileirão; check out how was the victory of Fernando Diniz’s team

THE Fluminense won the Strength and won an important victory in the Brazilian. In an open game with good opportunities for both sides, Tricolor showed a lot of strength and managed to beat their rivals by the score of 1 to 0 in Castelão. The goal of the match was scored by Luiz Henriquewhich had a major failure to Max Walef.

The Tricolor achieved an important victory in the Brasileirão. The team had not won for three rounds in the competition and managed to end the fast. Meanwhile, Fortaleza remained in the last position of the Brazilian Championship. The team has not yet won the tournament and remains in the bottom to the sadness of Leão de Pici fans.


Fluminense had more luck than sense against Fortaleza in the first half between the two teams. Tricolor even started the game better, went to the attack, pressed and right away opened the scoring. However, after that, Leão de Pici was the one who created the most in the match, stamped the beam and lost incredible chances to tie the confrontation at Castelão.

Fluminense’s goal came just in the ninth minute of the match. After a great move by Nathan, Luiz Henrique received in the penalty area, dribbled the defender and finished against Fortaleza’s goal. Max Walef couldn’t make the save, missed the shot and the ball died in the back of the net. 1 to 0. After that move, Flu lost space and Leão de Pici dominated.

Luiz Henrique scored Fluminense’s goal against Fortaleza in the Brasileirão (Credit: Mailson Santana/Fluminense)

Fortaleza took no notice of Tricolor and created many chances. Juninho Capixaba had one of the best opportunities of the team in the game, but she died in the crossbar and went out through the back line. Silvio Romero was another one who received a free kick in the attack, but hit badly and missed an incredible chance to the desperation of the crowd. The match was open for the second half.

The final stage was more balanced. Fortaleza did not stop attacking, but Fluminense also entered the exchange and both made the goalkeepers work. In fact, the two teams even scored at Castelão and the VAR went into action to cancel the two bids. Both teams complained a lot to the referee about the decision.

The first goal disallowed was Fortaleza. Moisés received in the area and submitted against Fábio’s goal. The goalkeeper failed to save and the ball went in. However, VAR saw a foul on the move and the ball in the net was disallowed. The Leão de Pici players were outraged by the referee’s decision to cancel the bid.

Minutes later, it was Fluminense’s turn to swing the net. Cano hit a cross and scored the second for Tricolor in the game. However, at the time of receiving the pass, the attacker was in front of the defense and the VAR came into action. With the offside decision, the confrontation continued with Flu 1 to 0 and Fortaleza desperate to get the tie.

Source: sportbuzz

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