Argentina goalkeeper pins Brazil and sends a message to France

On the eve of the World Cup final, Emiliano Martínez was irritated by journalists’ questions and even warned: “We have the best in the world”

This Saturday morning, the 17th, the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez held a press conference before the World Cup final. Responsible for the big campaign of the Argentinathe player projected the clash against the France🇧🇷 The questions, however, bothered the athlete, who got irritated and did not agree with the role of favorite given to the rival team.

In addition, Martínez still took advantage of the question to sting the Brazil and rip praise for Messi🇧🇷 For the Argentina goalkeeper, the selection has the best player in the world and he doesn’t need to worry about prior analysis. According to him, favoritism means nothing, since the Brazilian Team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

There they said that the favorite was Brazil, now they say it is France. But we have the best player in the world. Say what you want, we know what we’re capable of. We like to say that the other team is more favorite for the title. We don’t feel inferior at all.“, evaluated Martinez.

“We already had our eye on France for the chance to face each other in the round of 16. They have a great defense and four very dangerous strikers.🇧🇷 It’s crazy to be in the World Cup final. We started losing to Saudi Arabia, but we improved game by game. It was a difficult road, but we said that we were not going to leave the country in bad conditions”, he added.

Martínez held a press conference before the final (Credit: GettyImages)

After the title, Martínez made a controversial gesture in the World Cup final!

In an interview with “Olé”, Dibu Martínez revealed the reason why he took the trophy for the best goalkeeper of the World Cup and placed it in front of his body, as if he were touching his genitals. According to the Argentina goalkeeper, at the time of his award, part of the French fans booed him and he pointed out that he could not hold back his momentum.

I did it because the French booed me. Arrogance doesn’t work on me“, he stated.

In addition to talking about his controversial attitude in the World Cup final, Dibu Martínez analyzed Argentina’s victory against France and spoke about his performance: “It was a difficult match, the other time we had situations like this on the other side. We knew we were going to suffer, we almost scored another goal and we conceded, but thank God we did it. There was no other World Cup. that I dreamed so much🇧🇷

Source: sportbuzz

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