About Sesto, Gattoni: “First equal? In July I would call him crazy”

Captain Pro Sesto, Matthew Gattonitrack to microphones TMW extension starting balance after completing the first stage with equal points with Feralpisalò: “If someone predicted this in July, I would call him crazy. No one believed it, perhaps not even us, but over time, with awareness, we began to do it, and the results slowly came. And now that we’re in it, we’re enjoying it. Compared to last season, there were a few changes between the staff, line-up and management, it’s normal that it took a little “more time to re-create the mix, we knew that, but we also knew that we could do better than in Last year, with the module change, we took on the exact identity, the coach tried very well something different from 4-3-3, which did not let us turn around, but set it in motion: believing in this and working hard, the results came. came with strong teams We are a great team that should not lose the characteristics of those who have as their main goal s recovery I understand that it may be strange if you look at the standings, but this is the reality of the facts, we must firmly stand on our feet and think about getting into the quota in the first place, which will allow us to stay in the category.no worries: it won’t be for long.Then it’s obviously not worth dreaming, the playoffs would be a great goal, but let’s step by step about. At the beginning of the year, someone probably underestimated us, but now we are being studied and respected, and this is nice, this indicates the good work that we are doing. It is clear that this will be a different phase than the first, which will require more than what we have already done. The teams behind will gallop, last year in the second round we scored 23 points, we know perfectly well what it means to catch up. We will give everything. Having an armband is a lot of fun because we are a healthy and real group of good guys before becoming great players. It is clear that there is more responsibility, but we all help each other, and wearing it is not a burden, but a pleasure. On the contrary, I have to keep a high concentration and raise the bar before the second part of the season. How important would it be to win on Friday? At the same time, it is important not to lose. Then, with the win, we did something extraordinary, magical, and gave it our all to try and get three points. There is a huge desire to fight such a strong team like Vicenza, especially after the first match.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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