The RFU suspended the sports director of SKA Rostov-on-Don from football for 6 months

ethics committee Russian Football Union (RFU) has suspended SKA Rostov-on-Don sporting director Anton Vorontsov from football for six months, according to the RFU website.

The RFU Ethics Committee meeting was held on Wednesday. Vorontsov was found guilty of violating Art. 12 of the RFU Ethics Regulations (conflict of interest).

– Due to the fact that the RFU Appeal Committee reversed the earlier decision of the RFU Ethics Committee and sent it back for further consideration, taking into account the position on the need to pay attention to classification of Anton Vorontsov as an official and a football subject, the RFU Ethics Committee reconsidered the appeal concerning Vorontsov. Considering the confirmed circumstances, the committee came to the conclusion that Anton Vorontsov has been a subject of football since July 2021, since he was actually allowed to work at SKA Rostov-on-Don, was fully integrated into the system of employer and instructed club employees who confirmed at the meeting.

In fact, while acting as a sporting director and arranging football players with whom he had fairly close contact through previous jobs at other clubs, Vorontsov allowed a situation which is considered by the committee of ethics of the RFU as an interest that affected its ability to fulfill its obligations. in the club in accordance with the principles of independence and impartiality.

A source:

URF official website

Source : MatchTV

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