Empoli, Corsi: “The first part was good. But now a new championship is starting, full of pitfalls.”

President Empoli Fabrice Corsi contacted Antenna 50 commenting on the first part of the Azzurri season: “I’m happy, but when things are going well, I’m always worried about what might happen, about how to react in difficult times. Success is built primarily on difficult moments. when you lose your head, you keep your balance and keep your mind clear, creating the basis for new victories. question marks also about the value of opponents. The purpose of the rescue – everything must be built, it is in our hands: director Accardi, Mr. Zanetti, all the staff, cutting edge staff from all sides. vision. I see how they work every day and we are satisfied, passion and knowledge. Great attention to detail, we have a really forward working group. What will happen to the restart after pa use for the World Cup? Anyone who has gone to the World Cup and played is stressed out but training; then there are those who went to the World Cup, did not play and, therefore, did not train. We did the work almost like in the summer, from a sporting point of view, we think that we will be ready. Compared to the past, coaches can see the condition of the player live, at the same time as what he is doing on the field, and if necessary, correct the work on the spot.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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