‘With the number 11, the Chilean Ivo Basay’: Necaxa joins Don Ramón with the Bone in the presentation of his jersey

The former Chilean striker is part of the most significant history of the club whose character of El Chavo del 8 was its most illustrious fan. Bone gets excited at the mention.

In Latin America, there is probably no one who does not know that Don Ramón, the mythical character of El Chavo del 8, “went to Necaxa”. The expression appeared recurrently in the series, one of the most emblematic of television, and reflected the identification of the character played by Ramón Valdés with the Rayos, even if, on the other hand, he sought to reinforce his masculinity through the phrase.

Either way, the relationship between the two is already part of the club’s heritage. And the proof is that during the launch of the alternative shirt, the company Pirma, which manufactures the clothes, resorted to a virtual animation of the neighborhood belonging to Mr. Barriga, where El Chavo, Doña Florinda, Quico, La Chilindrina and La Witch du 71 to present the brand new creation . By the way, the tenant of apartment 72 is at the center of the story.

The images, emotional in themselves, have stories in the background that allude to the main historical figures of Los Electricistas. So, for example, there is a special mention for Álex Aguinaga. That of the Ecuadorian is followed by that of a Chilean. “With the number 11, the Chilean Ivo Basay ”, introduces the story, which then gives an account of some of the virtues that Bone is remembered for. “Agile, quick, skilful, intelligent and powerful in front of the net, the Chilean star has proven to be the centre-forward. .”, details the unfinished memory, which gives way to a sincere reflection of the virtual Don Ramón that precedes the presentation of the jacket, the same color as the cap he wore and which takes up several of his expressions. “And I’m not giving you another ”, “What happened what happened… “O”yes you will ”, are some of those that appear on the garment, which promises to become a cult object for fans of the club and, by the way, of the series.

Basay gets horny

Basay is thrilled with the accolade. The former Colo Colo, Boca Juniors and Stade de Reims striker, in addition to the national team, is grateful and proud. “It’s a pride, in any case. Years after being there being reminded is nice “, recognize Jock .

Then he tells how the strong link with the institution was generated. “Franchises are sold in Mexico. When it was my turn to come to Necaxa, they were taking it over after years of touring under other names. It took four or five years to build the team and win everything. We were league, cup, Concacaf and Supercup champions, which we didn’t even have to play, because we had won everything “, he recalls.

In this scenario, remember that the figure of Don Ramón was important to maintain the closeness between the club and the fans. “At that time, Necaxa had lost its identity and the figure of Don Ramón was important. It was so well known that Chespirito was going to America. The taste for the characters of El Chavo del 8 was very marked, as in all of Latin America “, he argues.

In fact, he values ​​the sitcom as part of Latin American culture and, by the way, part of his life. “I always laugh with Chavo. It’s part of the culture and we’re going to die with it. Until recently, they continued to show it on television. passed through different generations “, he argues.

That’s why it validates the memory. “The thing about Don Ramón doesn’t surprise me “, he underlines. And he cherishes being included in the registry. “makes me proud “, chart.

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Source: Latercera

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