Guardiola melts for Messi after World Cup and creates controversy

During a press conference, Guardiola commented on Messi’s participation in Argentina’s title and returned to praise the number ten

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, the 21st, coach guardiola broke the silence about the World Cup and was melted by the talent of Messi🇧🇷 In a press conference, the Spaniard praised the ace’s campaign along with the Argentina🇧🇷 The coach, however, did not escape the controversy and spoke about the discussion of who is the greatest player in history.

🇧🇷Everyone has an opinion, but no one can question that he is there, among the greatest of all time. I’ve said it many times, for me he’s the best. It’s hard to understand how a player can compete like he has done in the last 15, 17 years. People who have seen Pele, for example, Di Stéfano or Maradona, can choose their favorite“, began the Manchester City coach.

Because there are also opinions with a more sentimental approach. But, on the other hand, if he (Messi) hadn’t won the World Cup, my personal opinion of him as a player wouldn’t have changed at all.“, said Guardiola at a press conference.

Source: sportbuzz

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