Messi gets ‘pinned’ by the author of the most liked photo in history

In a joking tone, the photographer who recorded Messi’s historic moment with the World Cup cup told details about capturing the photo

In addition to becoming world champion as captain of the Argentine national team in the Qatar and be named the best player of the tournament, Lionel Messi made another incredible achievement, but in the field of social networks. It so happened that his post on Instagram in which he spoke of his happiness after winning the World Cup became the post that received the most likes in history.

The record-breaking publication opened with an image of you, on the shoulders of Kun Agüero, who lifted the World Cup gold trophy with both hands and with a smile that explained his satisfaction with what he had just achieved. Well then, the author, the British Shaun Botterillfrom the Getty Images agency, told details of the image that already has more than 70 and a half million “likes”.

🇧🇷It’s a strange, surreal feeling.”, commented the experienced photographer in relation to the moment he photographed the Argentine star. And then he confessed to the paradox that amuses him these days: he, the author of the photo that breaks records on Instagram, does not have a social network.

Photo moment!

The author of that historic postcard told CNN that on Sunday the photographers had organized a plan for some of them to settle in the field location at the height of the billboards, close to the stands that housed most of the Argentine’s fans.

Messi spent some time with his family after obtaining and handing over the cup and then started walking towards the Alviceleste crowd. 🇧🇷I can say I got stuck, but I got stuck in the right place“, the man told CNN, adding: “I think if most of us are honest, we have to assume that you always need a little luck, and I had it on Sunday night.”🇧🇷

Messi made history together with Argentina in the World Cup (Credit: GettyImages)

🇧🇷Messi was there and he didn’t move much. They pushed me, but he did all the poses with the trophy: with one hand, with both – the photographer continues -. We had no idea what was going to happen in the end. You can plan when he lifts the trophy, but you can’t plan where his career goes and you don’t know how chaotic it can be. I was very close to him🇧🇷

🇧🇷It’s a strange, surreal feeling: Damn! he’s exactly where you want him to be, and that doesn’t happen very often“, said Botterill, who started working as a photojournalist at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Messi with the World Cup trophy
Messi made history together with Argentina in the World Cup (Credit: GettyImages)

Later, and after having portrayed Rosario’s star in an instant of glory that will last forever, the Getty photographer told CNN that he sent his photo to the agency and that it was his eldest son, that he is an editor and that he was just working that night, who edited that photo and who texted him saying, “I edited your photo, dad, it’s a very nice photo🇧🇷

Botterill then confessed: “I knew it was a very good photo, but there is always the concern that another photographer, from a slightly different angle, might have captured a better image, as ‘small margins’ can make a big difference🇧🇷

Messi with the World Cup trophy
Messi made history together with Argentina in the World Cup (Credit: GettyImages)

But beyond what the photographer says whether or not there was a better image than his, Lionel Messi chose the British portrait to illustrate his post. And he made it a record. Last Wednesday, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed that the publication of Antonela Roccuzzo’s husband had broken all the “likes” marks in the story.

Despite this, the British photographer revealed in the interview that he did not like the cut that Messi made in his photo on Instagram. Or rather, that it wasn’t his preferred version of the image, as the image had a broader view that gave more context and better captured the affection that the already legendary Argentine captain was receiving.

With a career spanning 36 years, Botteril guarantees that he is still surprised by those “surreal” moments in his profession. 🇧🇷I remember at that moment thinking: ‘How the hell did I end up where I am?’, because in those situations you are governed by the place where the masses push you.”, he says, and adds, still amazed: “When I look back, you can’t believe this guy is standing in front of you on Sergio Agüero’s shoulders, lifting the World Cup and showing it to his fans.”🇧🇷

Messi at Barcelona? Catalan president responds!

Messi is the best player of all time. He’s a Barcelona fan, his heart beats for the club… So these rumors (about the comeback) are normal“, he said in an interview with the club’s official vehicle.

Laporta continued with his mystery around Messi and highlighted that the striker belongs to PSG. Even so, he left open the possibility of the athlete returning to wear the Barcelona shirt next season: “Will Messi come back? He is a PSG player. We would love to have Leo with us one day, but we’ll see…”

Source: sportbuzz

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