Siena, Pagliuca: “The team and the club have drifted apart, we need to get back together”

Siena coach, Guido Palucaspoke in the press center after a goalless draw with Ancona: “On the one hand, I am close to the guys, because they gave everything, on the other hand, I am close to the president, who paid a seven-month salary in five months. There are some mistakes, but let’s all help each other get to May in the best possible way. We all need to be good, there is a path to go and everyone’s help is needed. We should return to glory a month ago. Now we are in a situation where c ‘is the property and the team, which are further apart – he reports – and you need to accompany the moment so that everything returns to normal. Every now and then there were oversights, primarily on my part, but you can’t tear down the wall, otherwise every two years football in Siena starts from scratch. We should not make a fuss about this by looking for the negative side of a position, suggestion, or strong statement. Several important bricks have been laid, if one brick is removed from time to time, then we will put two back. We played today too, didn’t create as many chances as last time, but I counted three unused goals. I hope to be good along with all the surroundings so that I can continue my journey in the best possible way until May.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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