“These are outrageous insults, and what is FIFA doing?” : in France, they go to war against “Dibu” Martínez and demand that the Golden Glove be taken away from them

The goalkeeper’s attitude during the World Cup and post-title celebrations had the Argentine amid controversy in Europe.

The attitude displayed by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez during the Qatar 2022 World Cup final and Albiceleste’s post-title celebrations has been widely criticized in France.

Different figures in the political sphere have asked FIFA to withdraw the Golden Glove award given to the best goalkeeper in the championship due to the constant controversies that Dibu led both in the definition of penalties and in the subsequent celebrations. .

For the same reason, the president of the French Olympic Committee Karl Olive, who is in full preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics, said in an interview that the individual prize should be withdrawn from the archer.

Everything is unbearable. Not a good image for football “, assured Olive in dialogue with the television channel CNews.

Referring to the goalkeeper’s taunts, he said that “It’s not sports. Do you realize the denigrated image? How are we going to show this as an example? he claimed, insisting that FIFA withdraw Dibu’s award.

Of course, this request has gradually gained followers. Thus, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy of the French government, asked FIFA to investigate the “unworthy” insults uttered by the Transandean footballer against the France team after obtaining the third world title for the Argentina.

These are outrageous insults, and what is FIFA doing? Sport is about fair play and respect for others, respect also for losers “, he commented on Sud Radio Le Maire when asked about” the bad example of the Argentine side “.

What did Emiliano Martínez do?

One of the first acts that caught Dibu’s attention after winning the World Cup final was precisely when he received the FIFA Golden Glove. After winning the trophy which marked him as the best goalkeeper in the world, he took the award and brought it to the genital area and pointed it forward.

I did it because the French booed me. pride does not go with me “, he explained a few days later on the events that motivated him to do so.

Already in the locker room, the goalkeeper added another fact that was repudiated in France. He was among those who notably participated in a pointed song against Kylian Mbappé, a striker who scored three goals for him in the 120 minutes and another on penalties.

A minute of silence… for Mbappé who is dead “sang the players inside the locker room, surrounding themselves with a table.

This was followed by what was done in the middle of the reception the fans gave the team in Argentina. There you could see Martínez with a doll symbolizing a newborn with the face of Mbappé .

In addition, the Aston Villa player occasionally put his index finger to his mouth as a sign of asking for silence, referring to comments the Frenchman made before Qatar 2022: “South American football is not as advanced than in Europe”.

The last thing was Dibu’s mockery of Aurélien Tchouaméni, who missed his penalty in the definition. “When I saved the first penalty in a world final (at Kingsley Coman) I knew the other boy was going to be very nervous, I tried to mentally play him by throwing the ball at him, talking to him… And he threw it out, he shit on it “, said.

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