Adani: “I had to comment on the World Cup final. It was in my arrangements with RAI”

Daniel Adaniin solo episode Bobo TVreturned to the conversation about the World Championship final, commenting on RAI’s decision not to appoint him to the grand final: “To understand what happened in the appointment of the final, we need to go back to August 2021, when I signed the contract with RAI. What I say – it says further Football and finance is the confidence that justifies the people who have been attacked. Before the third place final, we have dinner in Doha with Rimedio, Antinelli and Donatella Scarnati. And there I told everything: “Alberto, do you still remember what I told you in Cesena that I would never comment on Italy, because it depended on you and Antonio? However, that evening, I did not tell you the other thing that I agreed on: that is, that if Italy were not there, I would comment on the World Cup final. In Rai’s office, while I was signing, in front of the director and all the people in charge of the contracts, we came to this agreement. These were deals. But there is a problem: nothing was recorded. And soon after that, the direction of the sport changed. I didn’t want to pressure Antinelli, who already had to see Rimedio and Di Gennaro lose the Wembley final due to Covid. I thought that a gentleman is seen not by one more or less final, but by behavior. If a person is just and sows right behavior, he gets right. I’m here to tell you that I agreed to make it to the final, but my dignity made me keep it to myself and take a step back. And for me, Alessandro Antinelli and Donatella Scarnati fit well. In a taxi after the restaurant, Ale and Donatella tell me: “Lele, but you should have told us.” In conclusion, I said: “Donatella, I told you …”.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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