Avellino, former Molino: “Great market, I don’t understand the criticism”

Luigi Molinoformer striker Avellino, spoke with Primativvu from the green-white market: “You take forwards in the afternoon of the last day of the transfer market, I have had many times that they transfer at 4 31, a couple of hours for a decision and we closed at 6. Also because there are personal issues to decide if you have a family, where is it, where to move, moving is not as easy as it may seem.The names that are mentioned are important profiles, but it also depends on these factors – he reports Tuttoavellino.it -. Avellino leads in a great market, Mazzocco and Tauncara come from B, Benedetti, D’Angelo, they are great players, I don’t understand all the criticism. I hope the team can only think about training well and redeeming the undeserved defeat of Messina, after two draws and a defeat, it’s time to come to victory. We all need this to redeem ourselves. Sometimes there are terrible games in C too, I won bad games too, the boys always try, you can play badly, you fail to play, the day goes badly, your legs are lame, but the obligation is always there.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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