Tombense vs Atlético-MG: know where to watch

Tombense x Atlético-MG is one of the matches valid for the Campeonato Mineiro in its second round; match will be held this Sunday, 29

tombense x Atlético-MG is one of the struggles of Mineiro Championship of 2023 corresponding to its second round, which will be held this Sunday, 29. The ball will roll from 11 am (Brasília time) and will have Soares de Azevedo Stadium, in Muriaé, as the stage of the confrontation, where Gavião- Carcará assumes the position of principal.


The tournament features a new format in 2023. The first stage is made up of three groups with four teams in each; as well as in Paulistan, the teams only face those that do not make up their own groups, in eight rounds. The semifinals (in home and away games, as will be the case again in the final) will be disputed by the best classified in each group and by the best runner-up overall. There will be a triangle of the worst teams to define relegation.

Galo debuted in the competition with a victory against Caldense. The result was obtained with the score of 2 to 1, with one more athlete at the end (Kayoon the opposing side, was expelled). Hulk he was responsible for scoring goals on both occasions, scoring two goals from the penalty spot.

Valente de Tombos, on the other hand, ended up getting worse against Athletic in the first round, which beat him with the score of 3 to 1. In addition to having scored only once, in a goal scored by KekeTombense contributed with the rival victory in a goal against, of david.

Atlético-MG in the Mineiro Championship (Credits; Pedro Souza/Atlético/Flickr)


The Tombense x Atlético-MG match this Sunday, 29, can be followed live from 11 am (Brasília time). On television, the match will be broadcast on Premiere (pay-per-view/subscription). The main bids will also be available, minute by minute, on platforms such as “UOL”, “GOAL” and “GE”. THE sportbuzz will bring the repercussions and highlights of the duel in the post-game.

Source: sportbuzz

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