Inzaghi’s report card: it provokes discussions with Gagliardini. He clings to Lautaro-Jeko

Simone Inzaghi he leaves Zini with three points, but of course not with complete satisfaction as the Nerazzurri dominate but also suffer from having to wait for a triple whistle before they can celebrate a victory. For Gazetta dello Sport they are “small steps forward” both in terms of playability and credibility. He then adds that although the most important thing was to win, “Inter with small teams can never dominate.” Corriere dello Sport he is less critical and writes: “His merit and the merit of Inter is that he never loses his temper. Even when the Nerazzurri suddenly find themselves below.” Per Tuttosport it’s ‘a win that weighs the lead’ and then he explains: Inter are recovering and they wisely choose to play without causing shock.” Interist he read it this way: “The choice of Gagliardini is debatable. Things seem to go badly in the beginning, as they have in recent away games, but this time Inter react impulsively and are carried away by the excellent Lautaro. A victory is coming that pushes back the clouds after Empoli after an unstable performance.” Finally, the score TMW extension: “At first he is frightened, and strained nerves come out, as usual, in difficult times. Clinging to Dzeko and Lautaro, he unexpectedly takes home three points with a taste of oxygen: now he will have to deal with turnover a bit – not quite his daily bread – in view of the derby and then the Tour de Force. The double substitution of strikers in the final cannot be explained otherwise than by this realization.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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