Rogério Ceni opens the game on Luciano in a new role at São Paulo

São Paulo coach Rogério Ceni was sincere about Luciano and the adaptation of the number 10 shirt to a function more focused on articulating plays

Rogerio Cenitechnician of Sao Paulobroke the silence about Lucian and the new role that has been played by the number 10. The athlete, previously focused on the role of attacker, now acts more backwards, prioritizing the articulation of plays and creating closer to the midfield.

“I think Luciano does the job well”assured Ceni at a press conference. “He always had freedom last year when we played in 4-1-3-2, for example, [com] [Gabriel] Sara, [Rodrigo] Nestor, Igor Gomes and two more men from the front. [Com] PatrickNestor, Igor Gomes… He always had that freedom, he likes to do that”.

The tricolor commander added: “It doesn’t mean he can’t stay out of a match, and a player with more characteristics than him enters that role, depending on the type of game, depending on who he is up against, what the wingers are like, who the midfielders are… But I see him performing well in that role.”


São Paulo did not give chances to the Portuguese in Paulistan. Tricolor was superior throughout the game, created important offensive plays and was also safe during the 90 minutes in its defense sector. Rogério Ceni liked what he saw last Thursday night, the 26th, however, even with his team leading 4-1, he did not fail to ask for a new number 9 shirt to arrive.

Rogério Ceni, coach of São Paulo (Credits: Rubens Chiri/São Paulo/Flickr)

It is important to point out that São Paulo only has Calleri for the function, but can improvise in the sector with the entry of players like david and Luciano. So far, the first has been used by the wings, while the other has assumed the responsibility of being a midfielder, who plays behind the number 9 shirt. With that, Rogério Ceni wants Tricolor to go to the market to end this shortage in the team.

Source: sportbuzz

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