Ex-England footballer reveals how he ended up in specialist hospital for mental health issues

Former English footballer Aaron Lennon spoke about his mental health issues. In April 2017, he was arrested by police due to concerns for his welfare and was hospitalized.

— I told my brother I would go to the store. Finally, I tried to return to my apartment, but I couldn’t find the way forward. I panicked.

The next day I was in a mental health hospital. I was scared, I heard voices. Psychosis. I remember being in the room, I really wanted it to end. Crazy times.

I had other problems, problems in my family, bad relationships. This depression was mounting. I did not sleep enough. My head was spinning. It was a spiral. My mind was not working properly, it really got out of control, — quotes the words of the player The Times.

Lennon has compiled a list of activities for the day to avoid a return to his past state, and writes down how he feels daily. According to the Briton, due to their high status, football players are particularly prone to mental health issues.

Source : MatchTV

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