Bandecchi: “When I sell Ternana, I will not run away from the city. I’m running for mayor”

On the occasion of the press conference initiated by Alternativa Popolare, Ternana’s patron Stefano Bandecchi he also spoke about the future of the club, which now seems close to being sold: “When Ternana changes hands, I can’t get away from Terni because I’m running for mayor. – read further – I hope to celebrate with you. Unicusan can stay or not, they do due diligence, if the most solvent wants everything, he will take everything. I would like to stay, but if I can’t stay, I won’t stay, also because I’m a little obsessive. Stefano Bandecchi is also a special figure. Think of the poor president who comes and finds the president at home for the last 5 years. He has the right to form his team and choose, I’ll be a problem, I’m a little unwieldy. Why am I giving up? There were problems that we all know. La Ternana is unfortunately only an outgoing company, we are very sorry because we are loyal, we wanted to sell some shares, but we have not yet been able to find compatible ones, because then if you work together, you must believe in it. Instead, we found others who would like it to the fullest. Ternana is the only Serie A, B and C club that is free of debt, interference and cheating.. The cleanest company has 30-40 million debt, not counting companies like Parma and Pisa, which are good companies at the moment. In addition, today the municipality has approved the land on which the sports center can be built. Whoever comes, can build a stadium, otherwise it can be done at our expense together with the clinic. I am not the president, but Ternana is either built by herself, or sold to third parties, or a tender is held, and I will answer.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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