GdS: “Cosenza, it’s raining wet: Prashelik has been missing for at least 30 days”

“Cosenza, it’s raining in wet weather: the praselik has been missing for at least 30 days,” the publication is titled. Southern newspaper.

Flexor injury in Polish midfielder. The team at work in Como optics.

In the home match against Sudtirol, oddly enough, Viali left Giacomo Kahlo on the bench at the beginning of the match. The Strength coach sacrificed the point guards of Trieste, who are having a lower than expected season (including due to physical problems that have limited him) to give more substance to the attack and keep the two central guests busy, as he was able to explain in the post-match press conference. However, the simultaneous presence of Marras, Finotto, Nastya and Zarate (until the Argentine was injured) was not enough to change the momentum.
However, in the away match in Como, he could return to the 4-3-2-1 formation. In a match with the Larians, Cortinovis or D’Urso want to have a chance. The two can co-exist (possibly using the former as an inside linebacker). Tests that the technician may decide to perform to investigate the winning alchemy. Experiments will come to life after today’s workout.
Shooting. Meanwhile yesterday, at the restart after the weekend draw, William Viali welcomed Emil Kornwig into the group. Still separated are Aldo Florenzi and Andrea Rispoli, whose return to work with teammates should take place in the near future. The instrumental tests that Mateusz Prashelik underwent did not give positive results. Just as Silan’s employees feared. Cosenza did not specify the extent of the flexor injury that the Pole received, however, the absence of the Hellas Verona player should be quite long (at least 30-45 days). […].

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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