Venice, Zampano: “The turning point after the conversation between us. Target? First of all, salvation

Francis Zampanowinger of “Venice”, spoke exclusively into microphones TuttoVeneziaSport. These are his statements:

What changed? You have scored eight points in your last four games, played great football and may have scored less than you deserved in Pisa.

“There is no method, I think we understand the complexity of the championship, where if you don’t run and set your pace, you fight. The Serie B championship is now like this, it is a championship in which any team fights without courage, even those who have been relegated from Serie A, like Venice. We talked to each other, we said we have to give everything we have, like men in front of the players, I think we do it, there is a coach who makes us play well and I think it shows.”

In this context of results and performance, new ones have given new and fresh energy?

“They are all young people who want to prove themselves, they are doing well, like the rest of the team, they are adapting to this reality, and it was not easy. In Pisa, we could easily have won if Pohyanpalo had earned a penalty … He says that he made only one touch, perhaps the referee assessed the dynamics differently. However, we play good football and could have won, maybe we were talking about a different classification. The goal is absolutely above all – salvation.

In Pisa, that move of yours with the descent from the left and Candela’s goal from the right, what did the coach tell you? It seems a little emblematic of the work you are doing.

“We prepared the game like this, playing the ball from below. The coach does not like to dribble low, he likes to start the action and then carry the ball forward, also through one or two, with the ball moving from one side to the other. That’s all the guidance the coach gives us in the 3-5-2 he designed.”

You’ve played fifth from the right, fifth from the left, full back, but is there a position you’re better at?

“My natural role is as a full back in the back four, but it’s the same, I adapt, I just need to play and be able to give everything for the team. It depends on different speakers. I’ve often played with four in my career, five with a little less, but I also feel great on the left, it depends on how you interpret the formation and the attitude with which you interpret the role.

What challenge do you expect from Cagliari? They found enthusiasm and results with the arrival of Ranieri.

“The coach is strong, you know, we will certainly have to meet the match as best as possible, because every match is fundamental, especially the one against Cagliari, even without Pavoletti and Lapadula they are a strong team. Like us, they wanted to get into Serie A, but they are faced with a season that is not at the top as expected, we will need to desire them more, race more than them. We are playing at home, our fans deserve satisfaction.”

You almost scored SPALA, what do you think?

“I made a feint, I shot, but they saved me on the line, sooner or later there will be a goal (laughs).”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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