President Picerno: “A desirable deed, this rescue was a masterpiece”

Patron Saint Picerno, Donato Curcioappeared on the official channels of the club rossoblù to comment in advance on the achievement of salvation: “It was a feat, because it was desired by all those who love Picerno and Picerno. I knew that in the hands of Vincenzo Greco we managed to get where we wanted to go. But to do it ten days before the start was a masterpiece, especially considering how the team was in the standings in October/November. After all, only those who hold on and don’t blame the hits for winning the match: so we, after an initial underwhelming performance, were able to resist and wait. And today we are enjoying the result of so many efforts, the main characters of which are, of course, Vincenzo Greco and Mr. Longo. really thanks to the gentleman who, in addition to being a respectable and level-headed man, showed how much he deserved in stages like the Serie C stage, demonstrating undeniable technical skills. He was able to save his wrist and have players on his side who always played with their hearts, even when there were no results. Another thanks to them guys: Picerno is proud of you. Finally, I want to appeal to my compatriots: together we are realizing the dream of playing among professionals for the third year in a row, which until recently was unimaginable. Picerno’s name is now on the lips of all Italy for his sporting merit and the corporate organization that we have shown. Let’s enjoy this result by celebrating it in our stadium starting from the next match: I myself will be back home soon and I will want to see you and hug you in our home which is Curcio!”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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