One of the discoveries of the season in the Azizov First League: “We have a good team of young like-minded people in Kremno”

Sport Arena talked to Kremn left-back Davronbek Azizov, who has achieved such success this season that he even attracted the interest of foreign clubs

In general, our site writes a lot about Kremen this season – the youngest team of the First League under the guidance of the youngest coach managed to get into the Champions Round, although last season even stronger (by name) Kremen stood for relegation and escaped only due to the suspension of the championship from for a full scale war.

There are many discoveries in this team, and one of the brightest is left-back Davronbek Azizov. No. 1 on our list of the top 33 for the first half of the 2022/23 season in the First League. Our conversation with Dava surprised – Azizov told Sport Arena about his star teammates from the times of the youth squads of Metalist and Zorya, about his father – a player of the national team, his first coach – an authoritative former player of Metalist and the Carpathians, as well as about goals in football and a practical interest in abroad.

“I don’t think that Flint, having entered the Championship round, gave a surprise”

Before Total, How Now at you affairs? On what stage winter fees flint? Passed already the most heavy, retractor Job?

– Everything is fine, we are training and getting ready for the championship. The training camp is held according to the plan of the coaching staff, we try to do everything that is required of us to the maximum. But, of course, I want to start the championship as soon as possible, after all, it is always better to play than to train.

‒ What mood did you meet with the guys after the holidays?

– We met with the guys in a good mood, we were glad to see each other. Although we had a short break – two weeks of rest, we still missed each other

‒ The flint really “fired”. Evidence that Vorskla, Metalist and Minai invited a number of your teammates to watch. Has everyone returned?

‒ Matveev and Galata returned to the team and are preparing with us, while Yermolov goes on loan to Metalist. We wish him good luck and more clean sheets in the new team.

‒ What are your impressions of this season and its format?

– The impression is positive, since this is my debut season in the First League, and I’m glad that everything turned out this way. The format is interesting, in view of today’s realities – this is the best option (Let us remind you that for the first time in history, by decision of the PFL clubs, the First League is played in two stages – moreover, in the second, the teams are divided by ranking into the Championship round and the knockout round, ‒ approx. SA).

‒ Flint is the youngest team with the youngest coach. Do you understand what a surprise you brought? Or is it only from the outside that it seems like a surprise, but in fact – did you initially believe in yourself and know? 🙂

– I don’t think it’s a surprise, because we have a very good team, with good players and coaching staff. We set ourselves a goal before the season to get into the top four and believed that we could achieve it.

“At the first stage, I would single out LNZ Cherkasy”

‒ Who did you like the most at the first stage of the rivals?

‒ At the first stage, LNZ Cherkasy would single out the rivals. This is a good team with experienced and high-level players

– Was there a player on the right flank who would have twisted your vertebrae directly?

‒ To be honest, I can’t single out someone who directly twisted the vertebrae, I think there hasn’t been such a player yet.

‒ With Metallurg, you scored 10 goals (not immediately counted) in two matches. Like this? What’s happened? 🙂

– The first match was the debut for our team. 3:3 in the first round on the road, losing in the account with the removal. We managed to level the score and show character, I think it was a very important step for the team in the future, we felt confident in our abilities.

The second match was postponed, held in the middle of the week. I felt a little tired and in general, I think we did not play at our level (defeat at home 0:4 from the Cossacks, ‒ approx. SA). The coaching staff pointed out our mistakes to us in order not to make them in the future.

‒ Flint enters the second stage, but in the Championship round it will have only two points (due to head-to-head matches with other top eight teams). What tasks will the team have?

‒ So far, the leadership of the team has not set any tasks, but within the team, I am sure, the tasks will be maximum – to show everyone that it is no coincidence that Flint got there.

“Mudrik was already very good at that time”

‒ About you personally. Where did you start playing football, who were your first coaches?

‒ I started playing in Kyiv Smena-Obolon, spent some time there, as I moved to the Metalist Academy. And I took the first steps in my professional career under the guidance of such a coach as Evgeny Nikolayevich Nazarov, for which I am very grateful to him.

‒ Wait a minute, this is just your colleague in the role – the left back and midfielder of Metallist, Zarya. Carpathians. Were there footballers in the family?

‒ My father was a good footballer and inspired me to follow in his footsteps [Зулфикор Азизов играл на позиции центрального нападающего и полузащитника за сборную Таджикистана и ведущий клуб страны – Памир].

– You scored quite a lot in DUFL (19 goals in four seasons). Therefore, far from always playing left-back?

– Not really. In general, even at the Academy, I played as a left back, when I moved to Zorya, I played as a left back and defensive midfielder.

‒ What are your memories of that sad time when the old Metallist was closed? How did the collapse of a great club feel in the youth team?

There were good times before the breakup. When it became clear to everyone that Metalist was breaking up, the leaders of all the years were taken to other teams and, I think it became clear to everyone that the situation was sad …

– By the way, you had quite strong teammates in Metalist – Matsapura, Milchenko, Kryskiv, Ivakhno, Kholod, Mogilny, Belotserkovets, Alefirenko. Who was the coolest in youth?

‒ Everyone was good in their own way, I can’t single out one, it’s not for nothing that everyone plays in good clubs.

– Do you keep in touch with the boys now?

– Of course, we communicate, do not forget each other, after everything that we went through together.

‒ Did Mudrik work with you? And what was he like then?

‒ Mudrik was a year younger, but at that time he was already very good and worked hard on himself.

‒ How was it played according to DUFLU? It was possible to fight Dynamo and Shakhtar?

‒ Of course, it was possible to fight! We did it and took points from these teams!

‒ Which of the guys born in 2000 in Ukraine was the top?

‒ I would single out Georgy Tsitaishvili and Dmitry Kryskiv.

“I, without hesitation, agreed to work with him again…”

‒ In Zara, did you have any chances to get into the first team, or did the double with the first team live in other dimensions?

– Of course, it was possible to get into the first team, there are always chances, the main thing is to use it in time.

‒ People left Zorya for Real, Brugge, the Premier League. How cool were Lunin, Dennis, Allahyar in their work? Did you have to work with club legionnaires or play double-sided?

‒ Of course, they were good at their work, it was not in vain that eminent clubs followed them and showed interest. But, unfortunately, I was not able to work with them.

‒ How did events develop for you after the abolition of the U-21 championship? Why did you end up in regional tournaments?

– My contact with Zorya ended, the U-21 championship was closing, and we decided that we would not renew the contract. I was released, so to speak, into free swimming. For my own reasons, which I do not want to disclose, I could not find a club and ended up in Energetika (Solonitsevka) at the invitation of my first coach. He kept in shape at that level.

‒ I heard the name Energetik (Solonitsevka) many times. What is this command? Who are the sponsors, coaches? With whom did you have to play in the championship of Kharkiv region and against whom?

‒ Energetik is a regional team that brings together, I’m not afraid of the word, the best players in the Kharkiv region. Very good guys both in terms of football and human qualities, a very close-knit team that welcomed me with pleasure. By the way, the head coach was Evgeny Nikolaevich Nazarov, with whom I worked at DUFLU. When he found out that I left Zarya, he called and offered me not to lose shape and play for this team. I, without hesitation, agreed to work with him again.

“My signature goal you will see in the future”

‒ They say you were supposed to be in Kremn last season, but in the end you made your debut here in 2022/23.

– Yes, I signed a contract in January and was preparing for the debut season, but due to the start of a full-scale war of the aggressor country, my debut had to be postponed.

– And how do you evaluate your transition now? Was the wait worth it? Flint is your team in spirit, in human relations?

‒ Of course, it was worth the wait, and I’m very glad that I got into this team! A good team of young like-minded people has gathered in Kremn, headed by our coaching staff.

‒ According to our site, you are the No. 1 left back in the league. Do you agree? What would be your choice?

– Thank you for such an assessment of my game, I think that I spent a good half of the year, like our whole team. But in general, it is not for me to determine who was stronger or weaker than me.

‒ Your goals tore apart the ratings a little. In addition to free throws, what else have you gained? What is it, a signature goal from Azizov?

‒ I think that you will see my signature goal in the future.

“Follow me in Tajikistan are watching”

– In the youth team of Ukraine, you crossed paths with Supryaga, Tsitaishvili, Sikan. Were you surprised by their victory at the World Youth Championships? Who impressed you the most then?

‒ Well, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised, because we assembled a very good team, and I can’t single out one person, they were united and strong as a whole team.

‒ It seems that the press did not believe in your old friend Kryskiva at all. Now a man scores Renna, and indeed shows himself in several different positions. Was Dima like that then?

‒ Dima is a very talented and hardworking football player who works hard on himself, and the fact that he is now playing at such a level confirms this.

‒ On defense you played Sirota, Gorin, Muravsky, Dmitruk. Guys deservedly in the Premier League? Which of them most of all surprised you with your ability to work and win the fight?

‒ All those you singled out are good in defense and got into the UPL teams for a reason, they deserve it and prove it with their game.

‒ And now you are being watched in your parents’ homeland? Are you considering an option in which you would play for the national team of Tajikistan?

‒ As far as I know, they follow and are interested in me, but I have not considered this option yet, I want to prove myself in Ukraine


  • Your favorite team?
  • What is your favorite player?
    Lionel Messi
  • What is your favorite coach?
    Of the coaches, I would choose Guardiola and Arteta, I like the way they work with the players and their vision of football
  • Do you regret choosing football as your passion and profession?
    Definitely glad.

Source: Sportarena

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