Riccio: Avellino? To win C, you need people who are hungry and running.”

Vincenzo Riccioformer Avellino midfielder, spoke with Radio New Point green-white teams: “At certain levels, it is difficult to look for problems of fluctuating results. The question is difficult. Every championship has its pitfalls. My opinion is that it can be a matter of individuality and it is possible to go through stadiums like Partenio in fields of promotion and superiority, with all due respect, difficult. what they do, but maybe the attention in those matches could drop. I don’t blame anyone. Rastelli tries to do what he can. But Avellino has not been able to win three victories in a row for a long time. To be honest, I heard that once upon a time, now football has changed. But there are components that always matter, in all categories. I can modestly say how we won in the past. About how to build a team for this category Ria, I have an idea. It is useless to spend money with big names, and in the first place to hire players who are looking for redemption, and therefore highly motivated. We need people who are hungry and running, who have incentives. Not people with full bellies. Avellino needs those profiles here. We repeat this many times, the Avellino shirt is not for everyone. In the end, technical discourse is all right in this category, but you have to run. I also had moments of protest, depression, difficulties, but it did not take me long to revive this enthusiasm. Avellino has a certainty, like a president, which is a guarantee on an economic level. He has a great coach like Massimo Rastelli and a great director like Enzo De Vito. I tell the fans to stay close to the team. Because from an economic point of view, and also given the time that goes by, I don’t think there is anyone better than D’Agostino to play football in Avellino. The club could ask the fans for help, hold a meeting, talk face to face and maybe clarify some dynamics that may not have been clarified from the outside. Tuttoavellino.it.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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