Flamengo presents a millionaire proposal and may have Everton Cebolinha

Flamengo is close to taking the player out of Benfica after the Portuguese club put him up for sale to make money; Brazilian did not convince despite the positive start

O Flamengo is investing in Mercado da Bola and may be responsible for bringing Everton Chives back to Brazil. According to information from the newspaper “O Jogo”, having a contract valid until July 2025 with the benficathe club took everyone by surprise by including the player on their list to release for the end of the season.

creates the GuildEverto Cebolinha was hired from Benfica after a request from the then club’s coach Jorge Jesus. However, despite having an outstanding start, he was not enough to convince the board that he should stay. So, the idea is to put it up for sale to take advantage of the market and make money.

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It is precisely at this moment that the Flamengo goes into. The publication highlights that the Rio de Janeiro club has had its eye on the player for a long time, and that this old interest, which has reappeared now, has already yielded an offer of 14 million euros to the Portuguese club to be able to have Everton Cebolinha in the middle of this year. year.

Although the values ​​are encouraging, it is worth remembering that some time ago a proposal of 13 million euros also made by the Brazilian club was rejected by Benfica. Since then, the value has increased to 14 million, and in view of that, Flamengo would be hoping to resolve all the necessary points to have the player in July this year.

Flamengo could sign Everton Cebolinha (Credit: GettyImages)

The arrival of Everton Cebolinha would be to be on the steppe with respect to the age of Bruno Henrique. Today, the striker is no longer performing what he saw a few years ago and the arrival of Grêmio’s calf would be to start an internal competition in the team led by Paulo Sousagiven that Marine does not shadow the player.

others in the fight

However, in addition to pleasing the Portuguese with its offer, Flamengo will also have to deal with the competition. This because Botafogo and palm trees would also be interested in having the player in their squads, but already waiting for the harassment to happen, the carioca club was faster and first referred the player’s hiring according to the Portuguese media.

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