Herkus didn’t leave Torpedo voluntarily, he was fired, Smorodskaya thinks

Ilya Gerkus left the presidency “Torpedo” not of his own free will, the club fired him, the former president suggested in an interview with Lokomotiv Olga Smorodskaya .

On March 1, Herkus leaves the post of president of Torpedo, which he has held since August 2022. From March 2, Yaroslav Savin will become the club’s president.

“What good is Herkus? It can only be on the finished product. And getting the club out of the pit is very hard work, you need a lot of experience for that. His departure was planned, that does not surprise me. I don’t think Herkus left of his own free will. I think he got fired. Most likely it was. But the club made the departure less traumatic for Herkus, saying he left of his own free will, Smorodskaya told .

Torpedo, after scoring six points in 17 rounds of the Russian Premier League (RPL) WORLD, sits last in the table.

The WORLD RPL draw will resume on March 3. Watch live broadcasts of the matches on the federal channel and thematic channels of the holding, as well as on the sites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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