Bahia takes 6 to 0 from Sport, and Renato Paiva reveals the future

Renato Paiva opened up about his future at Bahia after the team’s loss to Sport; Leão applied a 6-0 rout at Ilha do Retiro

O bahia was thrashed 6-0 by sportIt is Renato Paiva opened the game about his future at the club. The coach spoke to the press after the overwhelming defeat to Leão and made it clear that he will continue with Tricolor for the sequel to the 2023 season. for the sequence of competitions that lie ahead.

Very sad with the result, but very calm with my work, just as it was when we won the Ba-Vi, when we reached first place in Baiano“, he stated.

According to Renato Paiva, the awareness is that the work being carried out in Bahia is not in decline, on the contrary. The understanding is that he can still find loopholes to improve the team and achieve important results in the Campeonato Baiano, in the Copa do Nordeste and also in the Copa do Brasil. The coach’s thoughts are already on the next game for Tricolor, against Itabuna, for the state, on Sunday, 26th, at 4 pm (Brasília time).

Always calm and balanced. Awareness of my work is what defines me, we are doing what we can and know how to improve the team. We have to know how to live with these goals, it was the biggest of my career as a coach, I suffered 5-0 for Independiente against Palmeiras. We have to learn lessons from them. We don’t like it, but there’s one thing that’s for sure, when Renato Paiva feels it’s a problem, he’ll leave“, he continued to complete about his future in Bahia:

Renato Paiva wants to stay at Bahia to rebuild the team (Credit: Felipe Oliveira/EC Bahia)

“In Mexico I resigned because I felt that under those conditions I was not going to be the solution. Since I feel that I am not the problem, I will continue. the players, look at the distance for the (Brazilian) Cup game, and we will make a decision“, he completed.

Renato Paiva explained the defeat suffered by Bahia in the Northeast Cup!

Game easy to explain. A team that immediately adapted to the state of the field, played with long balls and overcame our midfield. And another team that wanted to play the way they play, despite the warnings, inside the field, that it is impossible to play this way and we were bringing the opponent’s pressure on us. We couldn’t play with long balls. But the players have to understand, and he was warned before and after the warm-up, that the conditions were not favorable for our game. Sport adapted better to the terrain and started to take over the game“, followed before finalizing that:

Then, at 15 minutes, in a situation of something you shouldn’t do and you don’t train… But we have to be prepared for the mistakes of young people. And after the expulsion, the opponent started to play on our mistake. And then, the second situation, another mistake, and the penalty, and from then on the team lost touch and never got back together. The opponent took over the game, with quality and experience, scored three goals from set pieces, two from played ball. In a game where we have never been, because the expulsion conditioned a lot, but that does not serve as an excuse, before the expulsion we were not well in the game“, he completed.

Source: sportbuzz

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