USA defeats Brazil in SheBelieves Cup

With defensive faltering and a show by Morgan, Brazil was no match for the USA, which ended the SheBelieves Cup undefeated; see details

With the right to defensive vacillation of the Brazil and concert morganO USA terminated its participation in SheBelieves Cup in an undefeated way. The two teams faced each other last Wednesday, the 22nd, and the Americans won. With goals from their main striker and also from Pugh, the United States did not give the Brazilian team a chance and won by 2-1.

The first half even became well disputed and balanced. The USA failed to have the expected dominance on the field and ended up having difficulties to fit plays. Brazil was not in danger in the attacking sector, but managed to neutralize the opponents and ended up leaving the rival attackers far from their goal. However, the marking wasn’t perfect until the 44th minute of the initial stage.

In a defensive error, where Brazil gave space in the midfield sector, Swanson was thrown into the area and tried to finish. The attacker’s kick ended up being blocked, but the ball landed at Morgan’s feet. The American striker did what he knows best and just hit the back of the net. After that bid, the United States gained confidence and no longer gave any kind of chance to the Brazilian team.

The second half was largely dominated by the United States and little participation by Brazil in the offensive sector. To give you an idea, the hosts managed to make it 2-0 and ended up slowing down. The second goal came after Tamires played wrongly and gave the ball on a layup to the rival striker. Pugh received and had no difficulties opening up an important difference on the scoreboard.

Brazil failed to put on a great performance against the United States in the SheBelieves Cup (Credit: GettyImages)

At the end of the game, Ludmilla still had the chance to close the difference to Brazil. The attacker received a great cross from Bruninha and just put her head on the ball to close the score 2-1 for the United States. With the result against the USA, the Brazilian team leaves the SheBelivies Cup with two defeats and only one victory. Before the World Cup, the Brazilian team will still face England and also Germany in April.

Source: sportbuzz

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