Neymar may have a samba-enredo in his honor at the Rio Carnival

Grande Rio, the samba school present at the Rio carnival, can pay homage to Neymar, number 10 of the Brazilian national team, in a samba-enredo after the 2026 World Cup

On the day of counting scores for the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Neymar it was a hot topic to be able to star in Marquis of Sapucaí shortly. According to the newspaper “Extra“, The Big Riverthe samba school of the Rio de Janeiro special group, has plans to create a samba-enredo based on the life story of the Brazilian striker and show it in the 2027 parade.

Still in primary information, the association wants to honor the number 10 of the PSG and the Brazilian Team. With a special presentation, Grande Rio intends to put together a samba plot in honor of the Brazilian star, dealing with Neymar’s life, telling the player’s story.

According to the publication made by “Extra”, the samba-plot in honor of the striker would have already happened this year, if Brazil won the title of the world Cup. However, as Hexa did not materialize, Grande Rio opted to postpone the tribute to 2027, one year after the next World Cup, which will take place in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

It is worth mentioning that Grande Rio is an association that usually pays homage to great Brazilian personalities. Recently, Zeca Pagodinho was the name that guided the 2017 parade. Now, in 2023, the school prepared to honor Ivete Sangaloone of the most iconic singers of carnival and music in our country.

Neymar in action for PSG against Bayern Munich (Credit: Getty Images)

From what has been released so far, the samba-plot has the possibility of Neymar being present at the 2026 World Cup, hoping that he will help the Brazilian team to win the title. However, the player has not yet confirmed whether he will play in the competition. Before the 2022 World Cup, the Brazilian said that his last chance to win the sixth title for Brazil would be in Qatar.

Source: sportbuzz

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