Marcos Leonardo scores two, but Santos stays in the tie with Athletico-PR

Marcos Leonardo scores two, but Santos stays in the tie with Athletico-PR

Marcos Leonardo opened the scoring for Santos, but saw the team give the turn with the right to an own goal from Léo Baptistão, in the second half shirt 9 needed to make the second to tie

On Saturday night, the 4th, Atletico-PR and saints faced each other at Arena da Baixada in a match valid for the ninth round of the Brazilian Championship. With the chance to sleep in the G4, Peixe went to the field trying to redeem himself from the defeat to the leader palm trees playing with the strength of their fans in the heart of Vila Belmiro.

On the other hand, Athletico-PR went to the game with the chance to sleep in the lead of the Brasileirão. Starting the round with 12 points won, the club from Paraná could reach 15, the same score as Palmeiras, but with one more victory. However, to reach the top, even if provisionally, the team needed to win and hope for a defeat or draw for São Paulo.



The match started in an ideal scenario for Santos. With a goal scored in the 11th minute of the game with Marcos Leonardo. Receiving the ball at the tip of the penalty area, Sandry made a masterful cross and the number nine went up alone to put the club from Baixada Santista ahead on the scoreboard.

However, balancing the match, Athletico-PR reached the tie in the final stretch of the first stage and equaled the result. taking advantage of the leftovers, Pedro Rocha crossed the ball to Pablo, who only had to worry about anchoring to the bottom of the nets. At 10 minutes into the second half, Hurricane managed to turn around with an own goal from Leo Baptistão.

Santos takes the lead but stays in the tie and loses chance to enter the G4 – Credit: Flickr (Ivan Storti/Santos FC)

However, even being behind on the scoreboard, Santos was not shaken and Marcos Leonardo went to the nets once again to tie the match. After crossing Maicon and deviation from Jhojan Julio shirt 9 was present to score his second goal in the match. With the tie, both teams remain outside the G4 and fight to climb the table in the next round.

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