Gianni Infantino is re-elected FIFA President until 2027

Gianni Infantino is re-elected FIFA President until 2027

The Swiss, who presented himself unrivaled for the post, will continue to lead the agency for another four years.

Gianni Infantino was confirmed this Thursday to continue leading FIFA after the elections to define the position for the next four years which took place in Kigail, the capital of Rwanda.

The Swiss-born had no opponent for the candidacy, so he secured his first re-election to power since 2019.

After knowing the results, Infantino gave a speech in which he reviewed all the achievements made by FIFA under his tenure and the projections he has for this new period.

“I promised and very few people believed me that we would organize the best World Cup and we did. Great stadiums, perfect infrastructure, zero incidents. It was a very quiet tournament. A very important legacy has been left in Qatar, including human rights he started to say.

“The same thing happened with the Women’s World Cup in France. We promised that we were going to make FIFA stronger because you never know when something might happen and it did. is stopped because of the covid and thanks to the strong situation of FIFA, a support plan of 1,500 million dollars has been launched and that has allowed football to survive, not professional football, to everyone”, has he continued.

Then he went on to indicate the promises kept. “I also promised them that we were going to regain the trust of sponsors and televisions and we did it with 7,500 million dollars in the middle of a pandemic . FIFA is trusted by all. FIFA’s reserves currently stand at $4,000 million, which is earmarked for football. I promised to increase football development programs and we have done that.”

“It is important that the governance of FIFA is much better. We have promised. Every dollar invested is investigated by an independent body. The United States has returned 200 million dollars to us, stolen by leaders corrupt. Politicians also believe in us. We are also determined to change the transfer system,” he continued in his lengthy presentation.

In addition, time was given to perform an evaluation on video refereeing. “The schedule of international matches has been changed until 2030. The health of footballers is protected. Now is the time to analyze if it is the best possible. We have implemented the VAR, now the VAR light with four cameras appears. We are testing a new offside rule to favor the attacker. We seek to make football more attractive to everyone who watches it . In the end, what we have always promised is to work honestly to protect the associations, the supporters. We must never forget that football is peace, joy and that it unites the whole world”.

Gianni Infantino will remain at the helm of FIFA until 2027. Photo: Reuters.

Regarding what he hopes to accomplish over the next four years, he said that “We will start by playing the best Women’s World Cup in history in 2023. And also the best male in 2026 as it will go from 32 to 48 teams, with 104 matches . It will be the most inclusive ever . A Club World Cup is created every four years from 2025. We don’t know where, but it will be played. We have to create competitions to grow. There will also be a Women’s Club World Cup. There will also be a small tournament with the champions of each Confederation”.

Finally, he shared the idea of ​​promoting youth football through national teams. “The Under-17 World Cup will be played every year, not every two. Both masculine and feminine. We don’t want generations to be lost . We are thinking of creating a festival for the under 15s, there is also Wenger’s talent plan and through which a talent can appear anywhere in the world, as well as referees, “Team One. in transfers, salaries … it can be very important. We manage a budget of 11 billion dollars. Football is happiness and joy. Remember, “concluded Infantino.

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