Zichmeystruk: Feyenoord style is the most inconvenient for Shakhtar, even Real don’t put pressure like that

Zichmeystruk: Feyenoord style is the most inconvenient for Shakhtar, even Real don’t put pressure like that

Ex-midfielder of the Ukrainian national team about the match Feyenoord – Shakhtar

Shakhtar Donetsk ended their European Cup season with a crushing defeat in Rotterdam. Igor Jovićević’s wards lost to Feyenoord with a score of 1:7. Eduard Tsikhmeystruk, an ex-football player of the Ukrainian national team, who once played in Rotterdam against Feyenoord, shared his impressions of the match, ending his confrontation with the Dutch in a draw.

IN On the eve of the game, Ukrainian fans had a glimmer of hope for Donetsk Shakhtar to reach the quarterfinals of the Europa League. In fact, everything turned out differently. What led to such a major defeat?

– I think it’s just an accident, it happens in football. If we remember the first match in Warsaw, the Donetsk team should have lost 0:3 or 0:4 already there. And here, in the Netherlands, almost everything that is possible flew into the owners. As a result, the defeat of Feyenoord. After the hosts took a 2-0 lead, it became extremely difficult for the Donetsk team to play.

– All experts were waiting for the appearance in the starting lineup of the three leading defenders – Konoply, Bondar and Mikhailichenko. But the release of these players, as it turned out, did not add reliability to the defense. Why did it happen?

– It’s not about personalities, but about the team game. We have all seen how wrong Bondar and Hemp. Our guys could not get out of the pressure. The Dutch started the game powerfully and literally did not let our defenders breathe. The way the Feyenoord players put pressure is simply amazing.

– And why, in your opinion, the mentor GOrnyakov did not entrust a place in the first team to the highly experienced Yaroslav Rakitsky, who played great in the first match?

– It would not help Shakhtar. Shakhtar didn’t play defensively. And why didn’t Rakitskiy play? I don’t know, maybe he had an injury, or Jovicevic trusted Bondar’s youth.

– Did the miner have at least one bright spot that evening?

“You can’t say that in this account. There were only episodes – a long-range strike by Sudakov and a goal by Kelsey. But these are only episodes, short moments, but not a team game. I would like Trubin to help the team, but not on this day. The hosts aimed at the corners and scored goals for every taste. Yes, and many of the ball were, as they say, non-tackling.

– What did you thinkAndwhen the score became 7:0?

— I wouldn’t want to be in the place of Shakhtar’s players. Losing already with a score of 0:5, I know what the players think: this game would be over as soon as possible. I don’t want anything anymore with this account. But it’s good that Shakhtar’s substitute players tried to change something.

– Substitute Djurasek brought the fourth goal, cut off in the center of the field …

– Yes, but this is the fourth goal, even then everything was clear. The first two goals were decisive. Football is made up of mistakes. But the same Idrissi, a good footballer, give him five more shots from those distances, he would not have scored even once. And then two attempts – two goals. Yes, and he delivered such blows that are not taken.

– How will this major defeat affect Shakhtar’s performance in the Ukrainian league?

— The Europa League is over for the Pitmen. And what’s the difference – to lose 0:3 or 1:7. Although, conceding seven goals is unpleasant. Here, as they say, there is a difference. But it’s one thing to lose in the championship of Ukraine with a devastating score, or it’s an international match. A 1:7 defeat against Dynamo would have been perceived differently. And here the Donetsk team needs to forget about European competitions for a while. I don’t think that this defeat will hit the psychology of Donetsk team players hard. But the next games will show everything.

— Why haven’t we seen such a weak game from Shakhtar in the group stage of the Champions League, which brings together the strongest clubs in Europe?

For some reason everyone underestimates Feyenoord. Yes, this is not a top club, as many say, but it is the leader of the Dutch championship. They don’t lose to anyone for a long time. In terms of their style, they are the most uncomfortable club for Shakhtar. The team from Rotterdam is extremely aggressive on the football field. They are in the fight for the gold of their championship, a fairly competitive league.

For example, when Trubin had the ball, Feyenoord players constantly pressed him. I know that the players of the defending team do not like it, it always makes the guys nervous. Even with the score 5:0, Feyenoord put pressure in Shakhtar’s box. It was easier for Shakhtar to play against Real Madrid, the Spanish club doesn’t put pressure like that.

– Have you played on the field of the De Kuyp stadium in your career?

— Yes, I have good memories of that game, we played a draw in the Champions League group. And then the Dutch had strong performers, but Feyenoord did not have such a well-coordinated team game.

Source: Sportarena

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