Ukrainians in the European spring: there are only two of them left

Ukrainians in the European spring: there are only two of them left

And only one will reach the semi-finals

A month ago, before the resumption of the European Cup season, we were wondering who, besides Shakhtar and Dnipro-1, should we root for in club international tournaments? As a result, seven Ukrainians were found. Mudrik, Lunin And Yaremchuk represented the main European Cup. Zinchenko, Gromov, Koval And Scout – two minor ones.

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Over the past four weeks, we managed to play one stage in the Champions League, two stages at once in the LE and LC. Only Mudrik and Lunin managed to pass through this sieve. And even then – the draw, as if in mockery, brought Chelsea and Real Madrid into one quarter-final pair. That is, we are waiting for another guaranteed loss. On the other hand, there will definitely be a Ukrainian in the Champions League semi-finals this season. Not sure what to play. But at least be listed.

Champions League. How to eat, but how not

Alas, Andrey Lunin as he replaced Courtois in the first half of February, he sat down on his usual bench without the slightest hope. Well, he’s not used to it. Thibault, by the way, was marked by a terrible import at Anfield. But, firstly, the partners immediately washed away this shameful stain with five goals to Liverpool. Secondly, in the answer the Belgian played to zero and without any complaints. And in general, “who will put him (on the bench), he is a monument.”

Andrey Lunin, photo – Getty Images

By and large, and Chelsea cope without Mikhail Mudrik. If in the first (Dortmund) match the Ukrainian still played from the first minutes (weakly; besides, he can be reproached for a goal – he didn’t run, he didn’t insure), then he simply had nothing to do with the home comeback. Chelsea then showed clear signs of recovery, and Potter – that he has the courage not to put in the 100 millionth newcomer if this newcomer does not fit well into a specific playing formation.

Fortunately for Mikhail, he took advantage of his next chance – in the championship against Leicester – much better. Came out with a “false nine”, was active and finally useful. Scored from offside, gave the premiere assist. Well done. Against Madrid, at least for a while, but he will get it. I would like to personally against Lunin. But let’s not wish Courtois health problems.

Bruges Roman Yaremchuk, perhaps, initially had no chance against the erupted Benfica. The confrontation, based on which Scott Parker was fired (himself appointed only in January!), brought a total score of 7:1. Somewhere we have already observed these figures, and just now …

Roman Yaremchuk, photo – Getty Images

The Ukrainian striker, who is having a terrible season, got enough time in this duel: an exit from the first minutes in Lisbon, in front of a perfectly familiar audience. In 61 minutes, Roman was marked with a yellow card, one inaccurate shot and the worst percentage of accurate passes from outfield players. In general, Yaremchuk mostly comes out on big holidays. I haven’t scored a goal since October.

LE. Premier League gold is more important

Our only plenipotentiary in the Europa League (we’re talking about legionnaires) took off quite sensationally and as dramatically as possible. In both matches against Sporting Arteta wisely used the rotation squad, but both times Alexandru Zinchenkoone of the undisputed leaders of this team, there was a place on the field.

Arsenal opened the scoring in both matches, but allowed the opponent to recoup. It came to the post-match series. Zinchenko did not participate in it, although he could. Everything was decided by Adana’s save on Martinelli’s shot. It’s a shame, but now nothing prevents you from focusing on the championship race.

OK. At least they got practice

Ours flew out of the League of Conferences in a friendly round dance. Did it first Igor Plastun with his Ludogorets. The Bulgarian champion was knocked out by Anderlecht, also thanks to a 11-meter post-match. There, young Verbruggen dragged literally everything! The Ukrainian defender played both games from start to finish. But in the championship, Plastun lost his place at the start – the last three matches on the bench.

photo – Maksim Koval on Instagram

Two more people laid down their arms yesterday. Maxim Koval did it in the sweat of his face – fought, saved (four saves in two games), but still missed four times from Nice. At the previous stage, Max was heroic against Partizan – Sheriff burned out 0:1 at home, but managed to win back 3:1 in Belgrade. Otherwise, Koval has a picture similar to the situation of Plastun. He played steadily in European competitions, but not the main one in home tournaments.

And here Artem Gromov to the spring European expedition of the Cypriot AEK (passage of the Dnieper-1, departure from West Ham with a total score of 0:6) was completely uninvolved. In general, over the past five weeks he has played for the club from Larnaca as much as 12 minutes.

We have a round of championships ahead of us, and then club football takes a break for national teams. Eurocups will return to us at the beginning of the tenth of April. It was then that Lunin and Mudrik would clash in the Champions League. More precisely, their teams. But in the other two European competitions, Ukrainians, alas, are no longer there.

No, formally there is still one … Artur Rudko still in Lech, but playing exclusively for the second team (starting from July, he played as much as one match for the Poznań club, and even then in the cup), and was not announced for the Conference League.

Source: Sportarena

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