Before facing Flamengo, Barbieri warns Vasco

Before facing Flamengo, Barbieri warns Vasco

Vasco will face Flamengo in the semifinal of the Carioca Championship, Mauricio Barbieri opened the game in relation to the decisive classic; see details

Mauricio Barbieri want to forget the deletion in Brazil’s Cup and only thinks about getting back on top in the derby against Flamengo, which is scheduled for this Sunday, 19, at 6 pm (Brasília time). the coach of Basquein a press conference last Thursday, the 16th, did not hide his air of disappointment with the defeat to ABC in penalties.

Even if the elimination in the Copa do Brasil was painful, Barbieri wants to give confidence to his athletes and does not think of giving vents to a drop in confidence of his players. The Vasco coach’s expectation is that the squad will seek balance and be prepared to face Flamengo in the second leg of the Carioca Championship semifinals.

We arrive needing the same result. It brings a prisoner, but it involves maturity as a team to turn the key. We can’t do anything more about what happened here. I think that in the last game we played a balanced game, the idea is to balance again, give them less opportunities. Now it’s time to turn the key, this is the season. Unfortunately, we don’t control it. we have to prepare“, he stated.

And if you lose to Flamengo, the scenario will be chaotic in Vasco…

I think there are two situations: the first involves the possibility of playing in a final. This experience helps strengthen a developing team. For Vasco to win consistently, it needs to arrive at decisions consistently. We had a natural difficulty in the first phase, we traveled with a good part of a group that is not here anymore. If we consider this circumstance, maybe we would have won the Guanabara Cup. At one point, the classification was at risk, but we classified it.

Mauricio Barbieri opened the game about a possible elimination of Vasco for Flamengo (Credit: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco)

From the moment we are here, the desire is to reach the final, because that strengthens development. Going a month without playing is bad for these reasons. Now we have to play, I can’t talk about it before. The idea is to turn the key, prepare in the best way and, if we reach the final, we gain experience, two more games and the possibility of growing as a team. If it doesn’t happen, it’s not what we want, but we will have to work in the best way and strengthen as a team for the Brazilian” he explained during the press conference.

Source: sportbuzz

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