Spal, Oddo: “The pressure comes from the standings and the defeat in Cosenza, that should be an incentive”…

Spal, Oddo: “The pressure comes from the standings and the defeat in Cosenza, that should be an incentive”…

At the end of the finish the day before, coach Massimo Oddo presented the match Südtirol – SPAL at the pre-match press conference on the 30th day of the BKT Series Championship 2022-2023.

“This week,” began the coach of the white and blue, “we have been working on our legs, head, heart and everything that needs to be worked on to get out of this situation, as teams in the same situation do. Will there be more than 700 fans in Bolzano? A great honor to these people who believe in us and are always by our side, showing great maturity and love, but not pressure. The pressure comes from the standings and the defeat at Cosenza, it has to be a stimulus, a great, strong stimulus, a sense of duty, the realization that there are people who push the team and a team that must believe in us, as their people do.

“I read moments of positivity, like after Cittadella, and moments of strong negativity, like after Cosenza, because I was also convinced that we had reached a turning point, and instead we took a step back, there was a moment of great disappointment, because I was convinced that we can start a new important cycle and stop immediately instead, but we must be aware that we are a group of teams and that the leader will make a difference. The games are all difficult, whether you are playing against the former or against the latter, you just have to work. This team must have the humility to understand the situation they are in, but they must also have the right conviction to understand that we can and should do more. Every game can be won as well as lost.

“Technical errors are inevitable and I will never complain about it, I complain about the conceptual error, the lack of attention and tension that Cosenza lacked. We had a good first half, with the ball we created some good formations but on the left they gave us a lot of trouble and the changes were made for that very reason, so much so that Cosenza’s chances came from our mistakes and that’s what makes me mad we had a match point and we wasted it.”

“In the first half we were in danger of conceding a goal,” concluded coach Oddo, “because we were in bad shape on the field, and in the second half we were in good shape, but made mistakes and oversights, which led to the fact that we conceded a goal . There was a lack of general command spirit. Südtirol is very hungry and has a mentality that fights for every ball, with physical players and great fighters, we have to put ourselves at their level from a psychological and competitive point of view, because without these two aspects, which are the basis of their success, we will go a long way path”.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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