Cittadella-Perugia 0-2, report card: Crusade, String – wall. Di Carmine Unlocked

Cittadella-Perugia 0-2, report card: Crusade, String – wall.  Di Carmine Unlocked

Final result: Cittadella-Perugia 0:2


castrati 5 – He concedes two goals and is responsible for one of them, Di Carmine, because he goes to the near post and is in no hurry to lose.

Save 5.5 – He makes Casasola anticipate a 2-0 goal by staying too much on his feet.

Perticon 5 – Di Carmine’s assessment of the latter’s goal is too soft. A few blunders are too many, and the day is not for the defensive pillar of the Citadel.

Frame 5.5 – A yellow card in less than twenty minutes does not allow him to play calmly, and the handbrake seems to be tightened.

Giro 5.5 – He can’t match his opponents and ends up committing so many fouls.

Career 6.5 – Gifted with great insertion ability, he is one of the most adventurous and most dangerous, even if he loses his mind a little in the last twenty meters. S 65′ Felicoli 5.5 – Participate in the final assault by placing many balls in the middle.

Pavan 5 – Wander around the field, not finding the right area for receiving and unwinding the maneuver of your team. S 87′ Varela St

Mastrantonio 5.5 – He spends himself on both phases, but makes too many wrong decisions. S 65′ Asensio 6 – In the final, he hits a lot on goal, even with his head. At least he tries, unlike his comrades.

Crusade 5.5 – Not at the stratospheric levels of the last few weeks before the injury. His scope is dirty and he never hits the target. He’s the type to try his best, but unfortunately for him, not today.

Antonucci 5.5 – She always attracts many men to her, nevertheless she remains calm and well disposes of her possessions. But in the last thirty meters it is not very sharp. S 75′ Embalo sv

Maistrello 6 – He fights with Struna, there is no shortage of oncoming blows, he almost scores with an excellent blow with his left foot. He is definitely someone who never gives up. From ’87’ Ambrosino St.

Edoardo Gorini (Deputy Roberto Musso on the bench) 5.5 – I didn’t lose at home for three months, but today the defeat is well-deserved. Pay for a bad day for attackers and a couple of misses in defense.


Gori 6 – The hasty exit is the only small flaw in his game. Against Carriero in the first half exceeded.

Rough 6.5 – His game is almost perfect. Gloomy, concentrated, his gaze is always turned to the opponents and the ball. Extraordinary in the final at Asensio.

Angela 6.5 – He is the first playmaker, often looking for forwards in the vertical. A lot of attention was paid to the defensive phase as well, helping Struna to hold off Maistrello.

String 7 – Maistrello does not yield even a millimeter, it remains to stomp even when the ball is far away and does not allow it to budge. Wall.

Building 7 – Initial role: protector. In Perugia, he plays as a midfielder. However, he is the team’s top scorer. Today he scores another goal, this time not from a free kick, confirming his danger even on set pieces.

Capes 6 – Quality and quantity in the center of the field, the ability to find the right combination of two phases.

Santoro 6 – Removes a few balls in the center of the field. He plays with the armband and puts a lot of self-sacrifice into it. C 79′ Bartolomei St

Lysis 6.5 – He winds kilometers on the flank, scores goals several times, even close to a goal. And from inactive balls, he always puts insidious balls in the middle, so much so that the assist also collects. S 64′ Pass 6 – He works well in a group, preferring containment.

Luperini 6.5 – He is always in the thick of the game. He has the credit for starting the 1-0 draw with a good game, one of many in his game. C 78′ Yannoni St

Carmen 7 – His scoring vein is open: the first goal in 2023, the third in the league, a great shot from the first intention. The most classic goal of the former. S 87′ Ekong sv

Matos 6.5 – He moves a lot and with his quality creates more than one thought for the opponent’s defenders. A smart hole for Di Carmine that’s worth an assist. S 64′ Di Serio 6 – He is busy covering the field horizontally and vertically many times, as well as helping out from behind when there is pain.

Fabrizio Beavers 7 – Usual expectant tactics: low center of gravity and after recapture immediately vertically forward. Winning strategy in the afternoon, thanks to the pressure of Di Carmine. The dead balls were well prepared in both phases, so much so that Casasola scored 2-0 from a corner.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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